Continues to expand informational reach to potential students through custom branded content

CHICAGO, IL, September 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Real Estate News Corp., pioneers of custom educational publishing since 1985, provides customized content for educational, professional and not-for-profit institutions to target thousands of potential students.

Real Estate News Corp. has specialized in print and digital publications for educational institutions since 1985. Their publications – New Accountant, and New Engineer – connect college or high school students to the exclusive nature of your organization through simple, relevant, engaging and branded content.

Custom content can be created by our professional editorial staff or by the institution to promote a specific field of study, school, program, curriculum or faculty addition at a specific company, college or university to target and engage potential students.

Real Estate News Corp. also allows for customization of an entire issue exclusively on behalf of the promoter. The benefit of using an independent publication/publishing house such as Real Estate News allows for a fresh, impartial feel that will stand out and reach a wider readership base. We make sure your content is relevant and demographically targeted to be impactful.

Our educational publications are a resource for high school and/or college students looking at opportunities for an educational path. We boast multi-channel, sponsored content and compelling articles which are held to the highest standards, with articles written by industry professionals and professors.

Our publications comprehensively prepare thousands of students for their careers, especially when it comes to making decisions that will ultimately impact their chosen career fields.

Now is the time, more than ever, to promote the importance of schools and education.

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