The “KIMBLADE NANO SET” consists of a silicon water-repellent coated quadrangle wiper and a windshield cleaner and treatment agent.

TUSTIN, CA, March 20, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Even though the car windshield is a key safety element in securing a driver’s safety (and clear view from all kinds of pollutants, including insects, dust, tar on the road, and leaked engine oil), it is rarely properly taken care of.

Luckily, a solution could be just around the corner. KIMBLADE INC. specializes in automobile supplies and wiper blades, and has recently won accolades of being the ‘Dyson’ of the wiper industry by creating a groundbreaking car wiper blade structure. After achieving a total of $390,000 in funding on its Kickstarter and Indiegogo pages, the company is now in the spotlight again with its release of the “KIMBLADE NANO SET”, that allows you to easily and professionally manage your car’s windshield.

The “KIMBLADE NANO SET” consists of a silicon water-repellent coated quadrangle wiper and a windshield cleaner and treatment agent. The KIMBLADE WIPER has transformed the frail reverse triangle blade of most existing wipers into a state-of-the-art quadrangle, realizing both the flexibility and strong washing components that have remained unresolved until now. Moreover, the special silicon reinforced with CNT (Carbon Nanotube) boasts durability enhanced to more than three times that of the company’s previous blade.

The windshield-only cleaner’s ceramic nanoparticles even remove an unseen contaminated layer that had been deeply embedded into the windshield for a long time. After opening the pouch, you simply use the provided sponge to wipe the windshield and rinse it off with water in order to eliminate any sticky grease.

Aside from the cleaner, there is also a windshield-only coating treatment which utilizes graphene nanotechnology. Coming in a form of a pouch, this treatment agent is easy for anyone to use and maintains an adherent coating for over six months from just one usage, and features pollution control, visibility boosting, and a water-repellent effect. When used in combination with the KIMBLADE WIPER, the self-healing effect of the coating film induces a semi-permanent windshield coating from just a single treatment.

The release of the KIMBLADE NANO SET that this wiper company has specifically developed for drivers will undoubtedly be a huge relief for people who are stressed out from squeaking noises coming from their wipers and having to frequently replace it.

Meanwhile, KIMBLADE INC. has announced its Kickstarter launch of the “KIMBLADE NANO SET” which enables the easy and simple management of car windshields, along with convenient windshield cleaning and maintenance (minus regular wiper replacements).

For more details, visit the official Kickstarter homepage.