Amsterdam – SixDeuce, a premium women’s athletic brand, is empowering women around the world with its innovative fabric technology and activewear designs. Offering a collection of high-quality activewear that makes women look and feel great all day, SixDeuce has quickly established itself as the industry leader for comfort and quality.

Perfect for a variety of settings, SixDeuce recently completed a photoshoot with fitness model Elmira. The comprehensive photoshoot demonstrates the full potential and power of SixDeuce activewear and its fabric technologies while showcasing SixDeuce’s latest designs and styles for any setting. To see the latest styles and designs from the photoshoot, please click here.

The premier activewear brand for women, SixDeuce uses three innovative fabric technologies to deliver outstanding quality, comfort, and durability for a lifetime in every product. These technologies include the highest quality “62-DuoThread,” or SixDeuce’s exclusive key to endurance for strong, durable threads with a wide flat seam technology that reduces bulk and increases strength; “62-RecoverSpandex,” or SixDeuce’s strong Spandex technology specifically designed to hold the thickness of the thread and withstand heavy machinery used to implement the wide seam technology; and “62-Hazeltex,” or SixDeuce’s cellulite and sweat disguising technology that creates an instant solution to hide cellulite, panty lines, and sweat marks with durable, lightweight textured fabrics.

Each of these specifically designed fabric technologies are the heart and soul of SixDeuce’s activewear and help to create a collection that is comfortable stylish for all the shapes and sizes among us. To browse the full SixDeuce collection, or to learn more about SixDeuce’s innovative fabric technologies, please visit Additionally, get the latest updates from SixDeuce on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

About SixDeuce

SixDeuce, a premium women’s athletic brand, was founded in 2005. Today, SixDeuce is the industry standard for comfort and quality, operating with top distributors in 12 countries worldwide and becoming the premier activewear brand for women around the world. To learn more, please visit