SmartyAds are teaming up with Protected Media within SmartHub, a white-label ad network to combat ad fraud.

NEW YORK, NY, May 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — SmartyAds, the leading White Label Ad Tech Solutions provider, has announced a partnership with Protected Media — an innovative cyber defense technology solution is now integrated within SmartHub, white-label RTB bidding platform.

Based on the framework of partnership with Protected media, SmartHub developed direct and indirect Protected Media integration options, each of which enables SmartHub owners to examine traffic quality at their platforms in real-time.

Integrating directly, SmartHub owners will be able to use predetermined Protected Media capabilities on the platform to shield their traffic from most advanced ad fraud schemes.

The indirect partnership enables SmartHub users to integrate both Protected Media solutions Pre Bid and Post-Bid, by turning on the tumbler “use SmartyAds Protected Media account” in the platform dashboard. This way, SmartHub owners can effortlessly scan the traffic using credentials of SmartyAds instead of negotiating conditions directly with Protected Media.

“At SmartyAds, we are eager to provide our customers with outstanding service and support constantly. We know that allocating third-parties is an exhausting procedure concerning time spent on negotiations, contract terms alignment, and communication to sign up and get the credentials from a third-party technical team. Hence, at SmartHub, we took this over for our Clients and allowed them to simply use Protected Media services right from UI, just ensuring standardized CPM for scan results,” added Head of SmartHub, Anastasia-Nikita Bansal.

About Protected Media
Protected Media’s solutions serve the interests of digital buyers and sellers around the world. They help to ensure that display mobile and video ads are properly located, visible, and seen by real people. Protected Media’s technology provides in-depth information on a per-impression level to detect problematic traffic so that agencies could work side-by-side with publishers to identify and eliminate suspicious activity.

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About SmartyAds
SmartyAds is a global full-stack ad tech company that establishes leading programmatic solutions for effective media buying, monetization and analytics. The company provides the market with its best-in-class White Label Solutions and SmartHub is among them. It is an RTB-driven programmatic marketplace that reveals feature-rich ad management options.

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