Calgary-based wellness institution, SolePath, is helping people to unlock their inner strength, clear their minds, and relax through a unique range of online courses. Dr. Debra is here to break them down for you.

CALGARY, AB, September 14, 2020 /Neptune100/ — In this time of increased anxiety and stress, Calgary-based wellness center, SolePath Institute, has launched an all-new range of online courses to help participants find inner peace and feel better in this challenging period. Dr. Debra Ford and Rev. Deneen Justason, Co-Founders of the SolePath Institute, know very well the importance of adjusting to this “new normal” in 2020. Even at the best of times human beings have a tendency to overlook basic things that could be improving their lives on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, it takes an expert hand to guide us back to normalcy as much as possible.

Let’s look at the facts: People are moving out of their big cities. They are making major life decisions about their children’s schooling. Families are trying to rebound from economic devastation all over the world in order to get everything back on track. This is the kind of stuff that can completely overwhelm us if we let it.

But did you know that something as simple as changing the “face” of your space could change your whole outlook? Or, simply writing down your thoughts in a constructive way?

The three new courses offered by SolePath Institute have been specifically created to reduce stress and confusion, and cover core areas to improve your mood. The first offering is Basic Zone Feng Shui, a course which will help participants to change the energy in their homes. This is designed to help improve the harmony and flow of the room, as well as the mood and well-being of those involved.

“Participants will be taken through a unique nine-step process,” explains Dr. Debra Ford, MSc.D. of SolePath. “This is to ensure your property’s energy is working with you, not against you.”

SolePath, whose own ideology is closely linked with Taoism, heartily promotes the creation of universally flowing environments; places which can nurture and sustain one’s energy and quality of life.

Dr. Debra continues: “I believe that creating a space that nourishes you is fundamental to a happy life. Removing clutter and balancing energy using Zone Feng Shui helps you live the life you imagined.”

Space Clearing is the second course being offered in this exciting, new online range. Space Clearing (the course) and space clearing (the act) both can help to cleanse and remove any unwanted energy and negativity. This is something that many people need with the world the way it is right now. Space Clearing helps to create a positive change in our mental, physical, and spiritual health. The benefit of this practice shows up in all other areas of your life, from organizational skills to decision making to parenting.

“A space clearing will cause a quick shift if things have been on a downward trend, especially if life feels stuck,” states Dr. Debra. “Space clearing allows new opportunities to manifest and stops recurring problems.”

The third and final course of the new 2020 offerings combines meditation with journaling, and it helps people to reduce stress and take better control of their anxiety. It is called Daily Pulse Meditation and Journaling.

Dr. Debra explains: “Meditation helps to promote emotional well-being, while journaling engages the creative side of the brain and soothes emotional unease.”

The Daily Pulse is a daily ritual; small steps towards life transformation and happiness. This course is a combination of meditation and journaling and is based in Dr. Debra’s book Daily Pulse, Rhythm of the Tao.

This Daily Pulse course is experiential and transformational. Each lesson includes a guided meditation on the trigram of the Tao; a reading by Dr. Debra from her book; as well as journaling exercises.

Alongside these three courses, the SolePath Institute also offers two free courses for participants, SoleIntending and SoleNumbers, both designed to create and preserve happiness in people’s lives. These programs have been featured internationally in the news.

“At SolePath, our mission is to help people to feel better, particularly through these challenging times we are all currently experiencing,” adds Dr. Debra. “The stress and anxiety of the global pandemic has had a devastating effect on mental and physical well-being, but with these three simple courses we will help people find inner peace and improve their mood—one case at a time!”

Available exclusively through the SolePath website, these online courses are available now. Participants are also able to access two free courses.

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