“College Counseling—A Corporate Perk” helps parents focus on their day job

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 10, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Gourmet cafeterias, playrooms, and movie tickets were unique perks that once landed a company on the “best places to work” list. Today companies can look like heroes by providing in-house college admissions counseling to their stressed-out working parents, says Elizabeth Venturini, owner of CollegeCareerResults, a leading college career consulting company.

“Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there is a big reboot of the company perks wanted by employees,” says Venturini. “My program College Counseling—A Corporate Perk, provides employers with teleseminars on college admissions topics of most concern to parents. Parents can also sign up for personalized help for their college-bound teens at significant savings in the privacy of the family’s home via ZOOM conferencing.”

Having worked at Fortune 500 companies, Venturini is no stranger to the stress placed on company HR professionals to keep their employees productive—even during a pandemic. Parents are simultaneously juggling work, childcare, and college preparation in the new work-from-home economy. “College admissions concerns cut across all employee levels of parents. With College Counseling—A Corporate Perk, employees can get help with an expert and stay focused on their day jobs,” says Venturini. “This perk also complements a company’s current higher education reimbursement program. It can turn parents’ angst into optimism knowing help is close at hand to launch their teens from high school to college.”

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article dated 1/29/21, help for family care and education are some of the perks most desired by working parents. “With the onset of Covid-19 leading to major disruption in higher education, parents are in very unfamiliar territory,” says Venturini. “Receiving personalized help from high schools is almost impossible when the national average of time high school counselors spend on college admissions help is 22 percent. Parents cannot afford to make a mistake because of lack of help for their college-bound teens when tuition ranges between $100K to $300K.”

About College Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini:
College Career Strategist, Elizabeth Venturini gladly supports stressed-out, time-starved parents who want the best college and career options for their students. Elizabeth gives peace of mind to parents to make the best college decisions for their teen. To register for Elizabeth’s programs, call 949-636-9055, email at [email protected], or go www.collegecareerresults.com