The ILS Company Partners with TuSimple to Revolutionize Trucking Industry!

TUCSON, AZ, March 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The ILS Company is proud and happy to announce that it will be working with self-driving truck company TuSimple. The whole team at The ILS Company is thrilled to be working closely with their TuSimple colleagues as they pursue the commercialization and automation of trucks to bring this technology to market as the company strongly believes it can save costs and lives.

For The ILS Company, the partnership with TuSimple is a noble mission to reduce the environmental impact and be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly company. The company is proud to embrace autonomous trucks as the future of logistics.

With international developments that are mainly characterized by high demand for transportation, major environmental challenges, and increasingly congested roads, the industry has to provide efficient transport solutions for consumers that are safer and have a lower environmental impact. The ILS Company has partnered with TuSimple for this purpose.

TuSimple is one of the leading startups in America, offering self-driving trucks for transportation and logistics. Launched in 2015, the startup currently operates in China and the US. It has recently been working on a “full-stack solution,” incorporating full Level 4 implementation of autonomous vehicles. What this means is that you get a truck that takes over the responsibilities of all aspects of driving from a human trucker in certain conditions. And this is great for the future.

“The ILS Company is fully committed and dedicated to creating and deploying effective and effective technologies that allow us to operate our logistics network in a more efficient way,” said The ILS Company President, Juan Carlos Seldner. “We have experienced a considerable increase in inquiries from our customers. With The ILS Company’s wide range of offerings and extensive experience in the transportation industry, we think we have a great opportunity to provide solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. Although fully autonomous and driverless vehicles still do have some development as well as regulatory work ahead, we’re very excited and happy with the advances in many technologies which companies like TuSimple are now mastering. We know that all of these amazing technologies offer considerable safety and many other benefits that can be realized easily long before the complete vision of autonomous vehicles is finally brought to fruition – and The ILS Company will be there, as one of the leaders in supporting the implementation of these new and innovative technologies.”

The ILS Company’s mission is to develop collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships, especially with early-stage companies in the industry that provide both insights and capabilities that expedite technological advancements within the network and transform the industry as a whole. The ILS Company collaborates with startups in order to explore new and innovative technologies and customizes them to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Unlike human drivers, autonomous vehicles do not have to take naps and rests between long periods of driving. Not having to stop at a motel overnight for sleep means that self-driving trucks can deliver customer cargo quicker than traditional solutions and satisfy the customers with better service.

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