Vladimir Fomenko is allowing people to work with more productivity while at home

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — COVID-19 pandemic was bad news for almost every kind of business. Business people were unable to continue their work routines in the era of social distancing. Instead of shutting down the whole business, they decided to switch from a corporate work environment to remote working. However, the biggest challenge they were facing at that time is the security and speed of the network. The use of public networks for their business dealings was a big mistake. In that time of absolute uncertainty, Vladimir Fomenko offered a helping hand to every business person across the globe. His company, named King server, provided the best hosting and server packages that could meet every kind of business’s needs.

Peaceful Working from Home
Tons of small and big corporations were forced to switch to remote work. They need to find a secure space and server where they can set up their whole business structure peacefully in a virtual world. Thanks to a wide variety of servers and hosting services of King Servers, many businesses find it simple to set up their whole business in the digital world. Packages are designed by keeping in mind the requirements and needs of every business and person. Through these servers, business people easily set up accounts for their employees who can access the database from their home and continue working on the projects from home without a physical meet and greet sessions. This peaceful working environment was a gift from a viable technologically advanced platform of King Servers by Vladimir Fomenko.

Virtual Business Set-up
In case you are still facing trouble in locating the dedicated business servers, you should consider hosting the services of King Server. This company is ready to put the best offers on the table of every sort of business. Whether you are running a small corporation or multinational company, this server company is ready to provide you a tailor-suit package to your business needs and requirements. Every individual can find dedicated space and features based on his requirements. Another concern was getting a server with the best browsing speed. Individuals who are using business software need a fast server. Setting up a virtual business on this company’s secured servers was the first step to continue doing business in this unpredictable work environment created by the pandemic.

Secure a Confidential Workspace
The primary concern for every person who is handling work from home is the security and confidentiality of data and information. You don’t have to worry about a security breach or hacker attacks on the server as the technical support team monitors every rental server space closely. Powerful data encryption is the first line of security offered by King Servers to every individual and business. Vladimir Fomenko knows the value of data security in the working field. Therefore his company takes extra measures to ensure the utmost security and privacy to every server space they offer to their customers. You can work from home without getting conscious that someone will access your business project or files.

User-Friendly Interface
When it comes to using the services of King Servers, then nothing feels too-complicated or quite technical. In case you have some questions related to the server, you can immediately contact the support team, which is available at your disposal 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Every space comes with an easy-to-use interface, so setting up your home network or business network on a given space isn’t that problem.

Therefore, Vladimir Fomenko, about every businessman, doesn’t instantly boost its servers’ price like other hosting companies during a pandemic. Instead, he started offering reasonable packages to running small companies and didn’t have enough financial resources to work on a secure network from home.