The age of “mid-form content” is emerging as the trend of watching videos on OTT services through mobile devices become more common. Mid-form content refers to content that usually lasts around 25 minutes per episode for series and 60 minutes for films. This format was first popularized in the United States, but it recently became a new trend with the widespread adoption of various platforms in South Korea as well.

Kakao TV, which is leading platform for mid-form content in South Korea, announced its plan to invest about USD 270 million to produce 240 original content by 2023, and video streaming service Seezn launched by KT also announced plans to focus on various short-form and mid-form content. In addition, Keyeast, the production company of The School Nurse File, and Storywiz, KT’s content creator subsidiary, have also repeatedly expressed their willingness to invest in mid-form content.

The trend toward ‘production investment’ is naturally shifting with the diversification of production format. Due to the characteristics of mid-form content that can be produced at a relatively low budget, investors’ entry barriers have been lowered. Hence, more diverse investors have been able to participate in production investments than ever before.

In response to this trend, blintn has announced that they will strategically increase their capabilities for mid-form content financing.

blintn is stepping up its efforts to find more appropriate investors for mid-form content based on data gathered through strategic alliances with global investors such as the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Europe. In particular, blintn is actively adding investor pools suitable for mid-form content financing in the U.S. and South Korea.

Meanwhile, as global demand for Korean content grows, more international investors are looking to invest in Korean content. But still, there have been several problems, including entry barriers and information asymmetry. To solve these issues, blintn provides data curation services for global investors and leads the more evolved media production investment market.

Mid-form content, which can be distributed on various platforms such as TV, OTT, and YouTube, is expected to attract more and more attention. In response, a blintn official said, “blintn will strengthen its strategic investment to further spread Korean-style mid-form content that can be distributed worldwide.”