Dr. Panda releases second subscription app, combining four of its most popular titles to date, unveiling Dr. Panda Town: Collection.

SHANGHAI, CHINA, July 01, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Popular kids’ app developer, Dr. Panda, today announced the exciting launch of their newest app, Dr. Panda Town: Collection! Exclusively on the App Store, the app brings together four apps, Dr. Panda Town, Dr. Panda Town: Mall, Dr. Panda Town: Vacation and Dr. Panda Town: Pet World into one single mobile game; inviting young explorers from across the world to embark on more adventures than ever before.

Dr. Panda Town Collection has more than 30 unique locations to check out, kids can spend the day playing hide and seek in the park, protecting the town as a police officer or work as a chef in the restaurant. If this isn’t enough, they can go on vacation to ancient Egypt, dive to the depths of the ocean in the all-new submarine, or even create magic in an enchanted castle with a hidden troll!

“Kids love the diversity,” says Mark Calugay, Game Designer of the new app. “With so many different locations to discover, the numerous characters and pet animals to interact with, and endless fun activities and hidden secrets to enjoy, there is undeniably something for everybody!”

With the successful launch of the developer’s first subscription app, Dr. Panda Learn & Play, several months ago, the launch of Dr. Panda’s newest app reaffirms its commitment to a subscription-based model. “With options for both a monthly and annual subscription, our plan is to add more content in regular updates,” says Dr. Panda CEO, Yan Lin. “And for those users who have already purchased areas in the previous four apps, they can subscribe at a special introductory discount, so their past purchases are acknowledged.”

Dr. Panda Town Collection is now available on the App Store and is coming soon to the Android market.

Founded in 2012, and located in Chengdu and Shanghai, China, Dr. Panda is a premier developer of fun and interactive kids’ apps that go beyond the traditional ABCs and 1, 2, 3s of learning. With more than 100 million downloads worldwide, Dr. Panda apps have previously received the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice award, Parent’s Choice award, several National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) honors and more. Learn more at www.drpanda.com