The Masters Agility Championship Category, has been a relatively new, but highly anticipated contest event starter for Westminster fans over the past seven years and this year’s winner is Bad Dog Agility trained P!nk!

HOUSTON, TX, February 15, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Hundreds of dogs strutted their stuff in front of thousands of K-9 fans and aficionados at this year’s Westminster Dog Show. Local Houston dog agility training company, Bad Dog Agility and trainer Jennifer Crank have taken the East Coast by storm in their first ever win of the Westminster Kennel Club Masters Agility Championship Award. This past Monday night’s Westminster Kennel Club Awards Ceremony was held in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

Dog agility has been one of the biggest and fastest growing dog sports in the world with over a million runs each year in the United States alone. Its recent addition to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has brought this sport to millions of spectators through the exciting televised finals.

This year’s winning Masters Agility Championship team, and Bad Dog Agility professional partner, Ms. Jennifer Crank, hails from the midwest paradise of Pinkerington Ohio. She also owns and is Chief Instructor at IncrediPaws located in nearby Pataskala, Ohio. This talented handler and her beautiful Border Collie, call-named P!nk, make quite a team. This top dog coined her name from the famous pop-star, P!nk, and the exclamation point in her name is also intentional. P!nk’s full registered name is Breezyblues Get This Party Started. P!nk and Jennifer did indeed get their party started by quickly navigating the man-made obstacle course in a blistering 29.35 seconds. P!nk comfortably held off her nearest competitor, an Australian Shepard dubbed Lili Ann, who came in at 35.04 seconds.

“Running P!nk is like magic; time slows down and she reads my thoughts before I have them – the run is effortless,” quoted winning trainer Jennifer Crank.

It is true that practice makes perfect. This was the team’s third attempt at taking the Master’s Agility Championship Crown. As the old saying goes “Third time’s the charm”, but make no mistake about it, this team has put in the time and effort to hone their skills.

“Jennifer has been a fantastic addition to Bad Dog Agility. As both a competitor and an instructor, she defines excellence in our sport. Her success has helped us bring growth and recognition to a fast -paced and rapidly expanding dog sport,” said Bad Dog Agility owner Sarah Fernandezlopez.

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