The Show Will Be Broadcast Live February 18 to March 14, 2021, Thursday to Sunday, at 8 pm

FORT WORTH, TX, February 11, 2021 /Neptune100/ — The talented players from The Luckenbooth Theatre in Fort Worth Design District have some excellent shows planned for their sixth season, the first of which will be a new stage adaption of Beauty and the Beast.

“Like most famous fairy tales that have been give the Hollywood treatment, it is hard to imagine that Beauty and the Beast had a life before the Disney version hit the big screen,” said Megan Hildebrand, Director and Playwright of the upcoming production.

“Although we love the Disney version, the original is a different beast indeed,” said Hildebrand. “We are honored to be able to tell the story in the way its original authors intended and, of course, to give it a Luckenbooth twist,” she added.

Leading the cast are Aaron Lancaster (Beast) and Allyson Ryan (Beauty). They are joined by Sydni Embry (The Enchantress), Sam Hurley (Ethan), Taylor Cordill (Lulu), Rebecca Nagle (Ms. Winnie), Abby Hill (Luna), Ellie Heitz (Ruth), Zeke Fayble (Timothy) and Fred Patterson (Papa). Nathan Layne is the production’s technical supervisor.

Beauty and the Beast tickets are $25 and may be purchased by visiting Luckenbooth Theatre’s online box office or by emailing [email protected]. All the money generated by ticket sales will be used to support The Luckenbooth Theatre and to further its mission of bringing live theatre to the local community.

About The Luckenbooth Theatre

The Luckenbooth Theatre is a professional theatre company that stages new works from local artists and reintroduces established works to their patrons in original, thought-provoking ways. Their Academy is committed to training the next generation of actors and performers. Children and teens receive direction from working, industry professionals and are never denied an opportunity to participate in their programming. Luckenbooth proudly welcomes children and teens of all capabilities into its theatre family. Visit The Luckenbooth Theatre on Facebook.

About Fort Worth Design District

Fort Worth Design District is a business enclave made for creative entrepreneurs in fashion, design, architecture, technology, and other fields that prize both design and aesthetics. About 40 acres, Fort Worth Design District features retail shop spaces, Alliance area studio spaces and workshops, showrooms, light industrial spaces for makers, distributors and manufacturers and office warehouse space. The center of the district is Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS), an eco-friendly business park made from 100 recycled shipping containers. The Fort Worth Design District hosts an annual graffiti art festival that attracts top spray can artists from across the U.S.