One woman, one camera, NO crew. Shalyse Dominique makes a big splash with her directorial début “Legal ThreaT”.

MILWAUKEE, WI, January 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Legal ThreaT is a climactic lo-fi psychological thriller about an unassuming imperviously innocent man named Jon Luke Barker; A man lost and trapped in the horribly mundane world of addiction. Unexpectedly he inherits nocuous information that threatens to overthrow the corporation that he now works for, Valdocorp. After discovering this mysterious enigma he reluctantly comes to the realization that he has been duped and has worked for an unscrupulous and duplicitous organization and that nothing is what it seems. Knowing that this corporation is one of the world’s most powerful entities he realizes he is now in danger. Or is he? Trapped in a Pandora Box he is desperately trying to escape for his life. Dealing with marital strife and a fledgling career on the line, he has nowhere to turn and nowhere to hide.

Legal ThreaT is the first cinematic exploit of its kind; It’s the only sci-fi feature film conceptualized written, shot, scored and edited in its entirety singularly. Single-handedly, photographed and produced without a crew or funding Legal ThreaT is a simplistic yet intricate and vibrant narrative about an unassuming addict who inherits nocuous information that threatens to topple the powerful conglomerate that he now works for as an entry-level AI engineer. Ubiquitous in its space and time Legal ThreaT stars fresh faces and undisputed talent. It also features coy cameos from Mark Borchardt from the cult-classic documentary “American Movie” and viral sensation Samwell.

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