Co-Owner and President Lamar Seay and Co-Owner and Chairman of the Board David Hill have taken their media companies, relationships, and experience to the next level by starting Vyre Network.

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Vyre Network was just an idea in 2018 that grew into a streaming force in just 2 years.

For Vyre’s soft launch in October 2019, the streaming company had only 200 shows/films that were available to stream just in the US. Fast forward 6 months and they were already at 2,400 and counting. Vyre likes to keep the content focused on Independent Filmmakers and Content Creators. They have built relationships with a strong list of reputable distribution companies, as well as the Indie film and Streaming communities.

Lamar Seay, originally from New Jersey, is known for his creativity, his passion for what’s “next” and interviewing some of the music industry’s biggest artists such as Common, 2 Chains and the list goes on. He has worked as Chief Editor at True Magazine and RnB Magazine for a few years before moving on to assist in the groundwork for creating a Cannabis investment industry media outlet, After that venture, he and Dave Hill teamed up once again to create Vyre Network, with a small dedicated team based in North Hollywood, California. A few years later, Vyre has grown into the new “cool table” of streaming, with its audience appreciating the focus on the Indie market, especially in today’s climate.

David Hill, the strategist and marketing guru that created and owns various media companies including True Magazine, RnB Magazine,, Artistic Data Agency, partnered with, Think Watts LLC and a few other movements. He has worked with some of the top companies in the industry such as The National Space Society, Roc A Fella Records (Rocnation), Def Jam, Universal, 42 Below, Red Bull, Robin Jeans, and more. David’s non-stop perseverance, industry relationships, and the ability to execute effective marketing and advertising strategies have carried some of his companies through decades.

When both partners were asked “what made them go all in and what’s their secret in building the platform to the point of “success,” they responded…

Lamar – “We looked at the changes in Film and Streaming and felt there was a void. There are plenty of Content Creators and Filmmakers who don’t have the relationships or want to jump through hoops for global distribution. So in this world, where everyone can create, everyone should also have access to view your creation.”

David – “When we saw the trends of media and how people consumed content change, we started to look at how they can corner the market with their current relationships and position in Media; Vyre was created and it turned into a passion, not just a business.”

As a minority-owned business whose slogan is “The Art Of Streaming Culture,” they seem to have things rolling in the right direction. Being Black-owned in this industry isn’t easy, as they have explained the second-looks and looks of confusion they receive when they say they own a Global TV and Film network.

“It’s like people don’t believe us. It always takes a few times of telling people what it is for them to understand that we are owners. Once I start talking technical stuff, they normally get it.” Says Lamar Seay,

With Vyre, you can stream movies by independent directors and production companies. You can also stream movies from big-time distribution companies as well. There is something for everyone. Aside from the films, their channel selection includes True Magazine TV (Hip Hop), RnB Magazine TV (R&B), MGraceland TV (EDM), Unnecessary Humor (Comedy), Vyre Living, Vyre Family TV, It’s Espanol TV (Spanish), Vasool TV (Hindi), curated music video playlists, and more.

Best of all, Vyre Network is completely FREE to download and stream Available on all major streaming outlets worldwide, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, iOS, and the web.

Vyre Network is home to a global digital distribution multi-platform service that license, live stream and produce a vast catalog of exclusive content for streaming entertainment.

We represent a visually driven culture of millennial and Gen X expressions of the things we love the most; entertaining & informal original shows, films, short films, music videos, live events and documentaries.