Fantasy-Pop artist breaks into the music world in a unique and refreshing way with a new song and upcoming video.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, December 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Sara Henya grew up in the science-fiction and fantasy community, and that uncommon upbringing influenced her tremendously. From her chosen instrument of the harp, to her ethereal sound and eclectic tattoos, Henya’s music can’t help but be different from what many have heard before. Her recent release, “Pancakes”, is a testament of her unique brand and personal style. Fans of Melanie Martinez, Aurora, and Lily Allen should definitely take a moment to hear this up-and-coming artist’s latest work.

“Pancakes” opens with Sara’s crystal-clear vocals accompanied by soft and pleasant harp work. Strings rise next adding a fanciful air to the song. Sara continues to build an otherworldly atmosphere throughout the track that brings to mind images of faeries, sprites, and other mythical beings. Henya understands this genre and her composition is actually a multi-layered work of art with a message of love and hope cleverly crafted into the lyrics. “Pancakes” is a refreshing and different taste in a pop genre that is often too formulaic and predictable.

Listen to “Pancakes” here.

After performing extensively in and around Philadelphia at venues like The Grape Room, The Barbary, and Sprout Music Collective, Sara Henya released her debut EP entitled, “Small World Alchemy,” on May 20th, 2018. Her EP received widespread radio play on Folk and Alternative programs such as Out of the Woods, Power Folk, Womenspace, and Radio 104.5’s Live at 5. Henya has been embraced by both mainstream and niche audiences and has toured music venues all along the East Coast. In addition, Henya created a loyal following at Science Fiction Conventions such as Balticon and Arisia and hopes her recent release will catch the ears of new fans.

Depending on the venue, Sara uses two different styles of harp; a pedal harp and a lever harp. Her pedal harp, a Lyon and Healy Style 100, is a full-size harp, similar to what an orchestra would use. Her lever harp, a Lyon and Healy Ogden, is smaller and more portable but is designed to have the same broad sound of a harp much larger.

On January 8th, 2021, Sara is releasing a fantasy-themed video for, “Pancakes”. As visually stunning and interesting as the track itself, Henya expects the video version to receive a groundswell of support from her adoring fans. “I grew up in the science-fiction and fantasy community where there is a lot of folk music around these topics,” says Henya. “I would like to help lead the way for music about fantasy that is told through a modern lens.” The release of “Pancakes” is the first step in making that desire a reality.

Sara Henya is managed by Olivia Farkas at Eclectica Division

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