Praised as the “template” of Chinese B movies

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Praised as the “template” of Chinese B movies, the film Prime Angel has broken the internet box-office record in the sci-fi genre. Shot in 10 days in Shanghai by Director Tianwei Wang, this sci-fi romance follows a young VR company CEO. She fights against a virus that has invaded her VR online system and has trapped her AI father and millions of players inside the game, risking their lives in the real world. The film is on the Chinese Streaming Platform YouKu for purchase for a year, and it’s available now for the American audience on YouKus YouTube. You can also watch the trailer on Vimeo here.

LA-based editor, Fernanda Schein, worked very closely with the director Tianwei daily from January to August of 2019. The entire project was entirely shot in Mandarin, and the distributor’s deadline was very tight.

“Editing Prime Angel was a particularly unique experience. The creative process had to be quick, and it was very intense. We were working days as long as 16 hours sometimes; we were both incredibly worn out, but it all felt worth it when we saw the final picture. It was a really fun editing process because there’s a lot of comedic breaks in the movie, allowing me to do some fun and unexpected cuts. Also, there are quite a few fighting sequences with lots of VFX; since most of the movie happens inside a VR game, the possibilities were endless, and playing around with that was a very creatively fulfilling experience.” – Fernanda Schein, Prime Angel editor.

Tianwei has a TV show and a new YouKu movie in development that Schein will be editing. Prime Angel is also screening right now at the Orlando Film Festival.

Fernanda Schein is an accomplished film editor with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Advertising from ESPM University in Brazil and a Masters of Arts in Film & Media from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Ca. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to live out her dream of becoming the next prominent network TV film editor. To know more about Fernanda, you can visit her website at