A debut single from the new duo Doves Peak reminds us to take this chance to find courage.

BROOKLYN, NY, March 19, 2021 /Neptune100/ — If anyone ever needed an excuse for a loss of interest in intimacy, it’s easy to blame the pandemic. Stress, depression, and anxiety are way up; we can’t visit whomever we want, whenever we want; and to top it all off, we’re stuck with the same few people all the time. You might think it couldn’t be a worse time to release a song about a lover who wants to get closer… but two friends decided we all need a little help right now to bring back romance. Why not let a new song be a reminder to get over our fears and believe in love again?

Doves Peak’s debut single “Part of Your Life” speaks about trust in the midst of a developing relationship. The song is a remedy for dealing with the changes that are happening in the world. In times of fear, the song asks us to be brave, and issues a challenge – now is the right time to prove our love.

“If you could see how much I need to be a part of your life”

For Russell Kranes and May Cheung, Covid 19 has been a motivator to start fresh on multiple levels. May and her husband moved outside of the city to New Paltz, figuring they might as well have some space and fresh air since they’re both working from home. Russell’s day jobs playing gospel music at church services and accompanying dance classes on the piano were forced to pause due to Coronavirus restrictions. Together, they decided not to let the pandemic put a damper on their plans for their duo, even though they had only had a chance to play a few gigs together before the virus took the world in its grip.

“Please take my hand and trust me. This I know will change your life.”

Doves Peak is best described as a neo-soul band with gospel and pop influences. Russell’s musical talents as a keyboard player are varied, but his inspiration for Doves Peak comes from the high-energy yet delicately emotional sounds found in the American pentecostal church. Having spent almost seven years playing two to three church services per week, he has perfected the church style. “Whatever I play and write, I can’t help but churchify everything that I do. It is a part of me, and a source of everlasting gratitude,” says Russell.

May’s powerhouse voice belies her delicate appearance, teaching us yet again never to judge a book by its cover. She is a versatile vocalist who has put out several albums, drawing from a crossing of Gospel, R&B, Folk, Pop, and Jazz. Her voice is warm, powerful and enveloping. “We agree on so many facets and approaches to songwriting and the musical chemistry is evident,” said May about her partnership with Russell. It was May’s obsession with stylistic details like runs and grace notes that drew Russell to her voice the first time he heard her perform. He immediately invited her to sing his compositions. But Covid loomed. The two refused to let that stop them, meeting in an open garage to rehearse and record.

“If we take this chance to find courage…”

Finding a silver lining to the Covid19 crisis is essential for all of us, to keep hope alive. We hope that “Part of Your Life” can be a reminder for you that you can use the pandemic as an excuse to meet someone new or draw closer to the one you love. Reach out to someone you’d like to be closer to, and tell them about this song.

Discover “Part of Your Life” on the web at dovespeak.bandcamp.com

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About the Participants
Brooklyn-based duo Doves Peak combines the unique talents of keyboardist Russell Kranes and vocalist May Cheung. Upon first meeting, Russell and May discovered their deep musical connection. The two embarked on a journey to craft and produce original and creative compositions that pay homage to their influences, including Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Solange Knowles, and Daniel Caesar.

Their new single “Part of Your Life” features vivid keyboard harmonies and pristine vocals. It combines both the vintage sounds of 70’s R&B with the stellar post-production work of Tariq Khan, most noted for his work with Bilal, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. A love song, “Part of Your Life” echoes the importance of closeness and bonding, especially needed during the pandemic and its ensuing isolation.

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