Victoria RadioAre you sick and tired of online radio stations that, even though they may play different musical genres, all sound pretty much the same? Are you tired of having your ears insulted by the so called latest pop culture songs and news when it’s actually a bunch of unbearable undergrounds sounds put together back to back?

Well, friends, there are places you can go to avoid the crap and to find what you want – and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. All you need is an Internet connection and web browser: I’m talking about Victoria radio which streams from its own website or app. I accidentally stumbled upon that radio and since then I’ve been listening to it here and there , the music genres seem to be very eclectic ranging from pop to classic rock, movie soundtracks, Spanish hits, African music etc. They pause periodically for station identification and I am curious to see how this one is going to develop. Honestly, give it a try.

The station is streaming now at

Travis Cummins