The root of both SSRI antidepressant and CBD lies in neurogenesis – brain repair

CARMEL, CA, May 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The study of depression has been stuck for a few decades now.

There’s been no growth since the advent of SSRI’s (starting with Prozac) back in 1986.

Every move since then has been more of the same but with extensions on patents.

New research is pointing to exactly how SSRIs work in the brain and it’s fascinating.

There’s a reason that they take a few weeks to kick in (they can actually increase anxiety and depression initially

The underlying process is that of neurogenesis or building and remodeling of the brain.

This may be the touchstone for mental health over the next 5-10 years as other breakthrough substances like ketamine, psilocybin, and even old standbys…exercise and mindful medication all rest on this same pathway.

CBD’s effect is equally impressive on this front all the way down to the heavy lifter, BDNF…literally the fertilizer of the brain.

New research is pointing to how CBD directly impacts this pathway and maybe more importantly, also addresses the ways in which the brain is damaged to begin with:

– Inflammation
– Chronic stress
– Trauma (even back to childhood)
– Overactive immune response (autoimmune and early exposure to infection even back to the womb)
– Various drugs including alcohol

The full review of this research can be found here:

Research on CBD and Depression

With our new post-virus world and the explosion in mental health issues, this research has never been so important.

Most importantly, a comparison of CBD and SSRIs or benzos draws a clear distinction in safety and addiction for millions of people who are unwittingly making a very big move after a 10 minute doctor visit.

Again, more detail is available here: … n-research

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