1 minute foot care product made through patented glass-etching technology

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2020 /Neptune100/ — A lot of the times, your socks and shoes suffocate your feet for the whole day. If you don’t take care of your feet even for a little bit due to environmental influences or managing issues, they often become dry, form dead skin cells, and can even smell. Neglecting to take care of these problems can negatively affect your feet. The soles have the thickest skin layers on our bodies, which causes the dead skin cells to form very easily. Common feet problems include smelly feet, blisters, etc. However, if you put in the effort to take care of your feet in the first place, it becomes easier to prevent these issues.

Here, the foot care beauty company, “EMMET,” suggests a solution called “Toola”. Toola is a hypoallergenic foot exfoliator tool that has been made through the patented glass-etching technology. Thus, people with sensitive skin can also use Toola as it removes the dead skin cells without damaging your skin. The semiconductor technique has been integrated into the glass to create nano patterns with tiny bumps on the contact surface. The “Patented Irritation-Free Glass-Etching Technology” is Toola’s exclusive technology that protects the skin while removing the dead skin cells.

Foot scrubbers on the existing market generally use these two following methods: they either melt the dead skin cells with AHA and BHA components or physically remove them by scraping them off with sharp tools. Although the former method that softens dead skin cells is gentle on your skin, it does not exfoliate hardened dead skin cells well enough. Also, the latter method is effective, but problematic in that it scrapes off your skin, leaving it irritated.

However, Toola is a foot file born from a new concept which eliminates all the disadvantages of existing ones. It wipes out dead skin cells mildly with the patented glass-etching technology applied not on stainless steel but on glass material. Unlike the standard foot file that only has one type of function, Toola provides 2-in-1 foot care with two functions that you can use based on your feet condition. The STEP 1 surface of Toola removes the hard dead skin cells that are stuck in between your skin with its micro bumps. The STEP 2 surface effectively exfoliates the soft and thin dead skin cells spread all over the epidermis of your skin with its medium bumps.

One of the most important characteristics of Toola is that it can be managed hygienically by simply rinsing it off with water. Toola is made out of 100% glass material that is coated with epoxy, which allows all dead skin cells to rinse away with water. Therefore, Toola is the ultimate solution for you. EMMET implemented all the necessary technology into Toola to allow you to gently and effectively exfoliate your feet in its dry state. You no longer have to waste your time soaking them in water.

Moreover, Toola is very light and compact. It is light enough to take to your travel destinations and business trips. Toola boasts an elegant design as a transparent glass that is charming enough to display as an interior accessory in the house.

The EMMET CEO says that “It was essential for Toola to have a definite point of differentiation compared to other beauty products in the existing market as it presented ‘innovative beauty’ as its slogan. In the process of developing Toola, we decided to use 100% glass material and applied a different exfoliating method in contrast to other existing foot files. ‘Toola’ is a safe, high performing, and elegantly designed product that fulfills the consumers’ needs and promotes innovative beauty.”

Meanwhile, the Toola will be making its first debut in the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo In-demand, in November. More details on Toola can be found on the official webpage below

Campaign URL: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/toola-a-non-irritant-2-step-foot-care-glass-file#/
Toola Webpage: http://emmetny.com/