How to Properly use candles and avoid damage to your home

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Many homeowners use candles as accents within a home or to mark special events. However, homeowners should always be careful with an open flame within the home. The use of candles causes nearly 10,000 residential fires a year according to the National Fire Protection Association. Homeowners can follow some tips to help prevent fires from the use of candles.

Tips to Follow When Using Candles:
1. Candles should be burned in well-ventilated rooms. Two candles should be the maximum amount burned in a room with very little air movement.
2. Candles should not be burned in rooms with vents, drafts, fans, or air currents. This should prevent rapid, uneven burning, flare ups, and the formation of soot.
3. Candles should be kept at least 1 foot away from flammable objects.
4. Candles should be burned in sturdy candle holders that are placed on horizontal, stable heat resistant surfaces.
5. Keep burning candle at least 3 inches away from each other to ensure that they do not melt each other.
6. Homeowners should keep candles away from children and pets
7. Candles should only be burned in rooms where they can be supervised. They should be blown out if the homeowner leaves the room.
8. Candles should not be burned all the way down. If they are open candles they should not be burned when there is at least 2 inches of wax left. IF the candle is in a container they should stop being burned when there is ½ inch of wax left.
9. Candles should not be moved while they are still burning. If someone wants to move a candle, they should extinguish it first.
10. Candles should not be used during a power outage. Using candle in the dark increase the risk of injuries and fires. Flashlights should be used instead of candles in a power outage.
11. Water should never be used to extinguish a candle.
12. Homeowners should consider replacing flamed candles with battery operated flameless candles.

Ultimately the best way to avoid fires is to not use a flame indoors. However, if a homeowner will not stop using candles with flames then they should take the above tips into consideration to help avoid fires and other damage to their home.

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