Striving to Empower and Equip Current & Aspiring CBD Entrepreneurs to Succeed at Home and Beyond

CHARLOTTE, NC, December 03, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Serial entrepreneur and Real Estate investor Q. Nicole McNair, has made it her life’s mission to take as many people up the ladder of success with her as possible. In order to help as many entrepreneurs as she can, Q. Nicole is launching the CBD Business Launch Kit, a comprehensive starter kit for creating, launching, and selling CBD products. The launch kit is primarily designed to support women in creating their own economies from the comforts of their own homes, no matter where they live. The CBD Business Launch Kit is a starter kit for ambitious and driven individuals who desire to launch a product in the CBD market.

Creating thousands of dollars in a groundbreaking market right from your home is the biggest goal of the CBD Business Launch Kit. The kit contains 50 grams of distillate which is enough for two-thousand 25mg products and a CBD business building e-course with eighteen lessons on how to grow and build a business in the CBD industry. Launching on Black Friday, individuals can be prepared to sell infused products by the holiday season. Becoming the resource and “go-to” for all entrepreneurs seeking to be successful in the CBD industry is what Q. Nicole thrives on.

The hemp used to extract the CBD in the business launch kit is grown at WH Farms which is a five-acre, three greenhouse farm located in eastern North Carolina. Products contain no pesticides, harmful ingredients, and are held to the highest organic standard. Industrial hemp was made federally legal in all 50 states per the 2018 Farm Bill. WH Farms is USDA licensed and all of its products are backed with a certificate of analysis. This means the products have been through rigorous lab testing and analyzed to be of the highest quality.

“Considering the climate of today’s economy and my awareness of so many people who, like myself, are looking for healthier alternatives to de-stress, we at WH Farms are so excited to offer the CBD Business Launch Kit as a solution. Our desire is to empower the next wave of CBD product owners to create their own economy from the comfort of their homes and join our mission to share this miraculous plant medicine with the rest of the world. I’m really excited to know that so many people will start their year learning and developing products in the CBD market, a market that is set to grow to $16 billion dollars in the next five years. This is a unique time with millions being on unemployment benefits and women leaving the workforce in high numbers. This kit will be a great way to launch a CBD product business from home and I’m excited to be a part of their journey,” says Q. Nicole McNair.

For more information on the CBD Business Launch Kit and WH Farms, visit and on social media @WHFarmsCo. For media inquiries, please email Candice Nicole at [email protected].

About The Founder
Founder and owner Q. Nicole McNair, serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, has made it her life’s mission to take as many people up the ladder of success with her as possible. As a real estate investor with over a dozen properties to her name, she took that knowledge and skillset to mobilize other aspiring real estate investors to do the same. And now, as a cannabis entrepreneur with her own farm, she is applying that same selfless attitude as before to take as many aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs from hopeful hobbyists to revenue-generating CEO’s of their own hemp empires.