Dr. Julianne Blake is a featured guest on the CBS affiliate show Live It Up!, which airs this Saturday, March 7th at 6:30 AM EST on Ch. 10 & 55

RONKONKOMA, NY, March 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Harness your own power to heal! It can be easy and fun. Julianne Blake, Ph.D., LMFT, best-selling co-author of The Success Secret with Jack Canfield and Health Power Coach at www.JulianneBlakePhD.com, has helped countless individuals live healthy, love deeply, look younger and have endless energy! Her reputation for success has earned her the nickname “The Joy Doctor,” and her empowering approach to healing has been met with wonder and praise. As an upcoming guest on the CBS affiliate Live It Up!, Dr. Blake shares her experience and her heart with host Donna Drake and offers key insights on our inborn ability to create miracles.

Live It Up! airs Saturday, March 7th at 6:30am EST on the CBS Network (Ch. 10 & 55).

As a globetrotter, Dr. Julianne Blake witnessed and took part in ancient and sacred healing practices, including acupuncture and meditative arts. Her experience while living in Asia broadened her vision of pain management and taught her valuable, effective strategies to combat stress, manage pain and increase happiness. Her unique orchestration of Eastern and Western methodology has her include a wide array of healing practices in her coaching repertoire. As a complementary introduction to her coaching practice, Dr. Blake offers a FREE 20-minute breakthrough consultation, as well as many valuable resources on her website at: http://www.julianneblakephd.com/

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