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TULSA, OK, October 01, 2020 /Neptune100/ — COVID-19 is a global crisis that continues to challenge human inventiveness in the face of adversity. Sustainable, a farm-to-consumer platform, is a product of this troublesome time. It is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and interested investors can contribute to the development of this timely innovation that promises to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.

The brainchild of a family in Oklahoma, Sustainable was conceived based on the need for families and farmers to meet halfway. Local farmers have been hugely reliant on the restaurant sector for nearly half of their income, and COVID-19 put a halt to this. Meanwhile, families have had to downsize their expenses and economize amidst the growing health crisis that has rendered millions of Americans unemployed.

One outcome of this has been the resurgence of home cooking – a strategy for people to reduce their food expenses and eat healthy at the same time. However, there is no available platform that efficiently and effectively connects local farms producing quality food products with families and other consumers.

After some research, the people behind Sustainable found that many people on both sides – farmers and consumers – are clamoring for such a solution. Farmers need to find a way to reach their biggest market – everyday people who cook their food. Consumers want to support their local farms and purchase quality, locally grown produce.

They also uncovered data showing that conventional distributors make a minimum 40 percent profit on the goods they distribute before operational costs are included. Then there’s the problem concerning seasonal surplus that goes to waste due to the absence of an efficient system for the distribution of surplus food supplies to underserved communities.

The founders of Sustainable hope to change this through their platform.

After establishing that there is demand for a service that Sustainable can provide, they now have the support of reliable partners to take care of the processing and delivery of orders.

The founders’ primary concern now is to get the required funding for the development of the Sustainable platform and a corresponding mobile app. They have dipped into their own pockets and have already sought the help of friends to jumpstart web and app development work.

With the crowdfunding campaign for Sustainable officially on, the founders hope to raise US$75,000 to cover the costs of building the platform and app so they can begin a staged roll-out in different cities across the country.

Interested backers can invest as little as US$50. In return, they can get 15 percent off for a monthly or yearly subscription on Sustainable. Backers will also get special access to the platform’s beta testing.

Prospective investors are encouraged to check the Sustainable website or get details of the Sustainable crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

About Sustainable Market
Sustainable, headquartered in Tulsa, operates a multi-vendor farm to consumer marketplace offering both delivery and pick-up service spanning across multiple cities in the United States. Sustainable is building the best way for people anywhere in the world to shop for farm fresh products. Every day, we solve incredibly hard problems to create ease of access between customers and farms and the convenience of obtaining locally grown products. Sustainable will bring tastier, healthier and more convenient farm grown food directly to your door all while supporting a more sustainable food system for everyone.

Miranda Archer
Head of Marketing + Operations
[email protected]