NEW YORK, NY, September 17, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Culture is passed on in time, generation by generation, in many ways. One of those ways is through food. Many of the food we eat today has been cooked by people from specific places of the world for years. Accordingly, to try new foods is a way of exploring new cultures.

Tiffany Mai’s new book can allow you to do just that. “Sexy Foods” is a book that contains multiple recipes from different cultures. But the book goes further than that: it tells the personal story of an American immigrant who juggles various tasks daily as a single mother.

Through “Sexy Foods”, Tiffany Mai seeks to empower women and bring them a sense of fulfillment inside and outside the kitchen. She believes any woman could identify with the content of the book and enjoy it.

“This book encourages quality time together in the kitchen. It empowers women to do more in life and become well rounded. It also helps build bridges through food, while helping people understand other cultures.” Tiffany says.

Because of the potential of the book, Tiffany can imagine it being a New York Times best seller in five years. This also allows her to imagine where she sees herself in five years. She wants to have opened 100 of her Fresh Fit Go healthy fast food locations, and she hopes that her non-profit Making An Impact reaches over 2,000 volunteers. On a personal level, she hopes she can be the best wife, mom, daughter and friend she could be.

This is why Tiffany encourages all women to follow their dreams. She wants people to get to know who they are and where they want to go. After knowing that, it is easier to figure out how to get there.

“I have met many women who are lost, scared, and don’t know their value, or what they can contribute to the world. Be encouraged by your intelligence, your mind, and the many goals you have, and believe in your capacity to achieve your goals.” Tiffany says.

Now that she is getting married, she is excited to see what life has in the books for her. She says that her relationship is “like the spices in my dishes.” Besides, the recipes in “Sexy Foods” are intended to be cooked for other people and with other people, too.

Cooking together with someone you love or cooking for someone you care about can be a very rewarding experience. In many ways, food is love, which means that cooking is not only filling literally but also metaphorically.

“Sexy Foods” is for everyone, not only because of the diverse content, but also because of the variety of recipes. But although she loves all the recipes, her favorite recipe is her native Bun Bo Hue, a Vietnamese dish similar to Pho, but more rich and flavorful. Tiffany wants everyone to try Bun Bo Hue at least once in their life. If you get the book, that may be your chance!

As an entrepreneur, Tiffany has become highly influential in multiple fitness and health circles. However, writing this book was new to her, so it presented new obstacles. That is why she believes that anyone could write a book too if they set their mind to it. Personally, Tiffany is a go-getter, and anything she sets her mind to, she gets done.

“My recommendation is to write one chapter at a time, to journal your ideas, and then later come back to it and see how to build more on those ideas.” Tiffany advises.

The right mindset, but also the right food, can get people far. Follow Tiffany’s journey and get “Sexy Foods”, in order to engage in a multicultural experience that can inspire you, help you build stronger relationships with those around you, and satisfy you with delicious food!

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