Leading global futurist and author Jack Uldrich is in the pursuit of a deeper, broader, and wiser understanding of the collective future.

WASHINGTON, DC, October 01, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Want advice from a futurist? Prepare yourself. It’s not all about forecasting technological trends.

According to global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich, “By breathing deeply, being flexible, and cultivating an agile, optimistic mindset–you’ll be far better prepared than if you buy the latest technological gadget.”

Uldrich is on a mission not just to get people thinking about future technological trends; he wants his audiences to start learning how to open their hearts and minds as well.

Inspired by a simple but profound pre-pandemic awakening, Uldrich is now on what he calls “a free-flowing sabbatical in pursuit of a deeper, broader, and wiser understanding of our collective future.”

If you think he’s off wandering in the woods, you’d be right. In part.

After delivering six online presentations from his home office during September, Uldrich spent the final week of the month in Northern Minnesota, taking one of his famous “think weeks” for himself.

For the first three weeks of September, Uldrich practiced being agile. His once live presentations were all delivered from home.

Throughout his virtual deliveries, Uldrich espoused, “The pandemic is accelerating the future, and the future is going to be here even sooner than most people expect.”

With each of his clients, he discussed, in-depth, the economic hits various industries are taking.

“E-commerce has already been a trend for the last ten years. But in the first two months of the pandemic, Amazon had more sales than it did in the last ten years combined. That’s remarkable.”

While retail admittedly took a significant hit, Uldrich says other industries have benefited and will continue to do so in the months and years to come. Drone technology, robotics, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing will surely reap the benefits of these shifts.

That’s how industries will do, but Uldrich is wondering–how these shifts will impact people and the planet? That’s what he cares most about these days. As the father of two college-age children, his mind is on their future. His concern is for their wellbeing and the welfare of the environment in which they will live.

So, he’s following his advice and starting with some good self-care practices. He’s consciously breathing and striving to be flexible. Besides the shift from in-person keynotes to more virtual gigs, he’s taking long walks between online sessions. And he is spending more time on relationship building and reflective writing. That includes more time with his family. He said his sister, executive coach, Catherine Glynn is a terrific influence.

“Not only is she helping me edit my poetry and other writing, but we also talk regularly, at length about the virtue of presence and the power of Emotional Intelligence. Her sense of balance is inspirational.”

In general, Uldrich, too, is striving for balance in his workload. He is intentionally setting aside time to spend exploring nature. He feels assured that the insights he will gather from time outdoors will provide him with the wisdom he needs to face the changes ahead.

Upon his return from his trip to the Boundary Waters, Uldrich will prepare to deliver three keynotes in October. His events include:

OCT 7 Texas Society of Association Executives

OCT 13 Minnesota Grocers Association

OCT 14 United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries

Between his speaking engagements, he will dive into finishing his latest book, Business as UNusual. And focus on writing about the “great reset,” which highlights his gentle new approach to the future.

The forecast sounds bright and optimistic. Now, says Uldrich, “just don’t forget to breathe.”

Futurist Jack Uldrich is a highly sought after keynote speaker. As the author of over eleven books, he regularly addresses businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations in the health care, retailing, energy, and education industries. He belongs to numerous speakers bureaus, including Leading Authorities, Washington Speakers Bureau, BigSpeak, and Gotham Artists. His latest book, Business as UNusual is expected to be released this Fall. To learn more about Jack Uldrich, his work, or his speaking availability, please visit JackUldrich.com.