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LOS ANGELES, CA, May 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Non profit charities such as, The American Justice Alliance (“Alliance”), The Can-Do Foundation, The Healing Lives Foundation (Fn1), and other organizations, launched the Avvakend #GoUnViral #COMBATCOVID campaign. A fast growing influential network including technologists, entrepreneurs, activists, students, and grassroots social media influencers teamed to raise awareness and funds to create unique ergonomically effective Personal Protective Equipment & Designs (“PPED”), as well as “Care Back-Packs.” Products being developed include varying grades of face masks, soaps, sanitizers, and more for the under-represented, vulnerable, and in-need sectors of our communities who can register to qualify to receive such donations. is fast becoming the go-to platform where brilliant, influential, and charitable talents, celebrities, innovators, and investors explore HolisTech, fusing ancient wisdom and cutting edge science, to create solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Alliance Advisory board members, like Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bart Fisher and Amy Ralston-Povah (Founder and President of The Can-Do Foundation), have seen the mission to reverse wrongful convictions (such as Obie Anthony, Jeffrey Deskovic, and Anand Jon Alexander) and reducing mass incarceration take center stage due to the critical role of prisons in the Covid crisis. Amy, who has been on a whirlwind tour, having recently met with Assembly- Member Dr. Shirley Weber (Fn2) and who spoke at the webinar (moderated by Topeka Sam) with Attorney Jessica Jackson and Alice Marie Johnson (whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump as a result of Amy, Jessica, and Kim Kardashian’s involvement), adds, “We are in a pandemic which creates incredible urgency. Once a virus gets into the prison system it takes off like a fire in a dry barn. There is no such thing as social distancing in a prison. It’s impossible. Having the proper gear, such as masks, hand sanitizer, and COVID-19 testing is critically important to protect the prisoners. We need to be able to move swiftly. Lives are at stake. People are going to die if we don’t get them the proper gear that they need.”

Inspired by the above pioneers, activist/actress Carson Dougherty noted the dire need to create an Avvakend “registry” and proceed in Phases. Carson is part of a visionary team of high profile technologists, Ivy League graduates, and entrepreneurs that understand how this campaign not only goes far beyond “charity” to others, but also involves self interest survival from an existential threat to all. The research shows the need to start with the incarcerated population and then expand to the homeless, nursing homes, women’s shelters, and orphanages, etc. The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, she explains, noted the historical data shows that prisons have been the critical mass tipping points to explode pandemics into society. She points out how “Prisoners are given one bar of soap a week. This is for their personal hygiene and their laundry. That soap doesn’t usually last the week.” So far, over 70% of prisoners tested have been infected. (Fn3)

Carson continues, “There are many additional crucial factors to consider when donating to prison populations, which makes it very different from the usual COVID-19 fundraising/ donations. Given our partners’ extensive experience in this area, we were able to take all of these into account when designing and manufacturing our products and equipment. For example, regular hand sanitizer cannot be delivered to prisons due to its alcohol content, so we have designed our own alcohol-free version. This also led us to create ergonomically designed masks that are extra breathable, comfortable, and combine ancient ayurvedic principles with cutting edge technology, making them safer for these types of diverse populations.”

The amazing and brave young COVID survivor Bianca-Rose, a 13 year old aspiring actress, recently proclaimed her support, “I caught coronavirus from my dad, who worked at the jail, which was a hotspot up here. I was diagnosed on my 13th birthday, April 19th of this year.” I am “proud to be a part of #GoUnViral Campaign,” coordinating the youth division.

Alliance advisory member and Philanthropist/ Filmmaker, Jani Viswanath, founder of the Healing Lives Foundation, sees the opportunity to fix a broken system as united people facing “truly difficult and unprecedented times. The ultimate test of the fundamental fabric of human nature, and our behavior at this time will determine what example we leave behind for the future generations. The sympathy, the sensitivity, the generosity and the willingness to help. This will be the time for us to put aside our differences and just help us heal one life at a time.”

While such campaigns and innovations are being made, time is of the essence as Udi Ofer, the director of the ACLU’s Justice Division, warned of a lot more fatalities unless the prison population is drastically reduced. “Mass incarceration was a public health crisis before COVID-19. But the pandemic has pushed it past the breaking point and we’re never going to be able to end this pandemic until we begin addressing the role that mass incarceration plays.” (Fn4)

“Unless social distancing along with scientifically based PPED’s, such as carbon filters, copper linings, and ultraviolet cleaning are made available, to only rely on superficial facemasks is far from any real protection and not far from superstition or misguided fashion trends with ugly side effects” explained Silicon Valley based Harvard alum, Sabari Retnamani, (who volunteers on the Research & Tech Advisory Board of in recent discussions with billionaire entrepreneur Moishe Mana (Fn5), a sponsor of the American Justice Alliance and intricate in the upcoming PPEDs and related Reform-A-Nation film docu-series to reverse wrongful convictions.

Not only are the donations to the American Justice Alliance a 501(c)(3) charity tax deduction, but each donation helps with groundbreaking solutions, provides Care Back-Packs to the needy, such as critical workers, prison staff members, prisoners, and even to their in-need family members who qualify through registration and committee approval. To join #GoUnViral #CombatCovid, donate, or be a voice to the underrepresented and help stop the spread of COVID-19 further visit:

[email protected] attn: Carson Dougherty

For media inquiries and to learn more about the docu-series, yogathon, and music videos, contact [email protected] attn: Seth Gordon


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Our primary purpose is to ensure a fair trial for every defendant in a criminal case, without which “justice for all” would ring hollow. In instances, where due process was clearly violated and where evidence of factual innocence was not presented to the jury/adjudicators (sometimes due to “newly discovered”, but in some instances, as a result of it being withheld by some malicious police/ prosecutors) the need to ensure post conviction relief could not be more compelling.