Gray hair & roots take priority as personal appearance prompts run on hair dye at stores

TALLAHASSEE, FL, April 17, 2020 /Neptune100/ — As part of a “social distancing” response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses across America have sent workers home who are not involved in “essential services”. Beauty shops, hair salons and spas fall in that category and many consumers who have engaged their services in the past are now fretting over what to do.

The problem is not on par with most challenges brought on by the Coronavirus. But it does, nonetheless, matter to many. So much so that hair dye is now becoming the new toilet paper — disappearing from store shelves as a whole new set of consumers find themselves in the market for do-it-yourself hair coloring.

Up until now, many who color their hair have chosen to have the hair coloring done by professionals (cosmetologists, beauticians, colorists and stylists who are trained and licensed in such work). Mostly women, but some men too, don’t want to mess with doing it themselves — and also don’t want to mess up the task (ending up with the “wrong color”, damaging their hair, having one’s hair turn orange due to the wrong application, etc.).

Thanks to the virus, unless one’s family member, life partner or roommate is such a hair coloring specialist, few have access to professional hair services at this time. Many may also lack the confidence and skill to give it a go themselves. But, as the sudden increase in demand for such hair products attests to, many apparently are ready to give it a shot, uncomfortable or not. The price appearance-wise seems to outweigh the alternative.

While it’s true that “inner beauty” is the most important thing, one’s physical appearance does affect self-esteem and can even affect personal and work relationships. Though it shouldn’t be this way, some people are considered less attractive with their natural hair color – especially if it’s gray! Getting or keeping certain jobs may also depend on looking younger (covering gray hair and otherwise having a complementary hair color and cut).

Seeing gray roots grow out can be a turnoff. The same is true with other roots that are dramatically different in color. Hair color that is fading or uneven in appearance can detract from how a person wants to look as well.

Even with staying home and working at home to stay safe from the virus (and protect others), our hair is still seen by us, those we live with, those we send pictures to, those we video chat with and, for many in the workplace who have not been laid off and are working at home, through videoconferencing. An increasing number of people are displeased when they look in the mirror and see their once perfectly colored doo starting to look undone.

A company owner who is now working at home and relies on videoconferencing has shared her “Coronavirus Hair Coloring Secrets” in a Blog HERE. As she points out, “the steps are easy to take on your own, without the help of a hair salon, even as a novice”.

The one she’s seen as “absolutely amazing”, since before the era of Coronavirus, has now become a “lifesaver” for her. She swears by it and shares it and other tips as part of an online shopping hub and informational resource HERE.

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