Usher in the Glory of Spring With These Tips

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Perhaps in no other season is nature permitted the sultry pride of scent, color, and beauty than in spring. It’s a time of new beginnings, of making ends meet—a time to awe in Mother Nature’s fearless resurrection from the bitter winter frosts. Use these landscape preparation tips to usher in the glory of spring so that your spring garden doesn’t just bloom, it pops!

Check irrigation system

Fastforward. You’ve experienced the winter not without a bit of pain, and the first glimpse of spring shines through the morning onto your gracious face. You’re ready to reflect that energy into your garden and you head over to the garden hose to give your landscape a little soak. Few things can exasperate homeowners more than a blown pipe. If you’ve already shut down your irrigation and sprinkler system in anticipation of the freezing temperatures, think about blowing out the lines with an air compressor to clear any trapped water that could expand and crack pipes. It’ll be worth the time in stress saved.

Unclutter the beds

Create free organic fuel for your spring garden by composting. Clear leaves, sticks, and debris out of your beds, placing the leaves in your compost pile or bin. Then pull weeds and place them in your organic garbage bin. Adding weeds to compost will only adulterate your compost with unwanted seeds that will germinate and appear in your soil come springtime. Also cut back dead growth so your plants don’t have to overwork to shed unwanted parts during blooming season.

Remove unwanted plants

Remember that plant that sat hapless and unwanted in its bed all summer long, adding no value to your landscape at all? Take note of all of them and remove them either now or in warmer weeks. There are many reasons why a plant didn’t thrive in a particular space—light, soil, breed—to name a few. If your thumb isn’t very green (yet), you may want to call over a friend or expert to gather a better opinion. This is also a great time to transfer your deciduous plants to better locations.

Collect rainwater

While clearing your beds, you’ve already started composting. Consider collecting rainwater to quench your spring garden and boost sustainability. There are many devices available online. Rainwater has less alkalinity than processed water and thus is healthier for many plants, and winter is an ideal time to set up your water collecting system. Most of the parched West Coast’s rain falls in the winter, and even though most of the East Coast sees more rainfall in the summer months, you’ll be saving resources and gather some green points for helping the environment.

These are just some spring preparation tips up John Mini’s green sleeve. Contact us to gather more and view our spring projects for inspiration. See how we restored plants in this luxury apartment complex, turning it back into a French Garden Oasis in the heart of Manhattan. We’d love to help you turn your landscape into a green oasis, just in time to pop for spring. Give us a call and say hello.

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