Get the best eyewear deals in the transition of September.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, September 10, 2019 /Neptune100/ — It’s time to peel off those coats and jackets because it’s warming up! With the new weather comes a whole new season of fashion and a stack of new trends to try.

With summer arriving many things comes to everybody’s mind, the pumpkin spice latte tops people list. Also, it comes with warmer temperatures so it is time to start thinking about updating all your fashion apparel from shoes to glasses. Are you ready for it?

You can start by adding a few key pieces such as flowery slip skirts, colour pop shoes or rope sandals. Accessories are key to complete this summer look, from belt bags, layered necklaces to glasses. If you are planning to change the frames of your glasses for this season, you should do it this September with VisionDirect’s September offer in transition lenses.

In early summer, be ready for a wider range of temperatures, the day can start cloudy and a bit cold and change to bright and sunny later. That is why you need to be always prepared to protect yourself. During the summer, you should take care of your eyes as well with the photochromic lenses in your new pair of glasses!

The photochromic lenses are glasses lenses that react to different levels of UV light, meaning that in the office or home environment, they will remain clear. However, when they are exposed to bright light on a sunny day, molecules in the lens react and become darker, offering protection from the sun’s radiation. As light levels decrease, the molecules go back to their original state and become transparent once again.

Luckily, VisionDirect is offering its best offer for the transition lenses. Just use the code: TRANSITION50C in VisionDirect