Tips for Adding More Zen in Your Life

NEW YORK, NY, January 08, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The word Zen has become synonymous with a kind of mental repose that hectic society envies and craves like a tropical vacation. First introduced to Japan from China in the 12th century, Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that accentuates the value of meditation and intuition, leading to boost in mental and physical health. Although the ultimate aim of Zen is to achieve sudden enlightenment (satori), the touch of Zen style doesn’t need to be extreme to have profound effects.

The art of Zen is to facilitate interconnectedness, and there’s nothing that facilitates interconnectedness more than nature. Whether you want to add a little touch inside your home or entirely revamp your garden, Zen is a stylish and tranquil way to attract attention, sharpen focus, and improve overall health. Indoor plantings, living walls, and containerized and sustainable plantings are a few ways Zen can enter your space, boost your mindset, and spread a peaceful joy, and John Mini can take you there.

Rock Garden
Zen rock gardens are typically small with a magical impact. They are designed with a perfect vantage point in mind, that traditionally taken by the chief monk in the hojo monasteries. Kyoto is the capital of zen gardens, but John Mini can transport Zen style to your home and business.

The goal for bringing a little Zen to your home is to recreate a natural scene. What you’ll need are some attractive whole and crushed stones or sand, thick fleshy or prunable plants like succulents or bonzai, perhaps a little moss, and some sticks and containers.

Modern Zen
Why not blend the traditional with the new? If the goal is the same—aesthetic peace—then it’s still Zen. John Mini specialists can take classic Zen features and blend them with newer, trendier designs.

If you’re looking for more Zen in your life, you can go classic, DIY, or blend the old with the new in a modern design that will stimulate peace and attraction. Whether for home or business, Zen can be the difference between average and exceptional spaces that people will want to experience. Give us a call for more zen advice and expert hands to get peak experiences from your home or business gardens.

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