For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean cosmetic companies will be displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which will be held Mar. 22-26.

• Participating companies – L Global, Jamie International, Primoris International, Pury Global, • Dream Polymer, Jion Meditech, YS Bio, Bio-S, Agera Biotech, Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute

• L Global introduces hand and foot care brand Toi:L

Toi:L is a brand that specializes in hands and feet care launched by L Global. It brings confidence and dignity to customers’ hands. “Toi” is “you” in French. It has the meaning of “Bright time: Love yourself.” It is currently selling online and offline in New York, Paris, London, and Vietnam. Recently, it has entered Amazon, and all of its products became the no. 1 selling products in the category and top 12 bestselling item in just one month.

Many people are getting their fingernails and toenails groomed, but not many know about the actual care they are getting. For these people, L Global is showcasing Toi:L Hand and Foot Mask Pack that are easy to use on hands and feet. They are made by using non-irritating ingredients, so it does not irritate the skin even when worn for a long time. It is also made in three layers, essence, moisturizer, and moisture layer, making intensive moisturizing possible. It does not contain harmful ingredients like silicon, benzophenone, or paraben, so it can be used safely.

In the future, L Global will launch portable callus removing product for the S/S season. For F/W season it will launch the product that focuses on moisturizing.

A company staff from L Global said, “Based on the love for myself, we are going to grow as a self-care product brand loved by consumers most. We are going to be the self-care brand that’s unthought of, but really needed.”

• Jamie International introduces BAREN, a professional foot care line with a new concept

Jamie International is a professional foot and nail care cosmetic company established in 2015 with 15 years of experience in running cosmetic and beauty salons. Based on well-running professional salon-type foot care system, it is continuously developing foot and nail home care product that can be used effectively. In February 2018, Baren Amazing Foot Home Spa was launched through NS Home Shopping.

BAREN is a salon-type foot care program that can be enjoyed at home. It has transferred the foot care program from professional salons to be used at home. The CEO of the company has years of experience in running franchise salon and product sales at a professional nail brand in Korea. The company has showcased the foot and nail care product that is like getting professional care from beauty salons. This product is currently maintaining the first place in sales of nail essence category for two years at Coupang, Korea’s no. 1 online e-commerce.

By using premium ceramic stone to the cuticle essence, the product BAREN can remove cuticles and moisturize at the same time. Also, since it is a pen type, it is easy to carry. It contains 99.9% natural ingredients.

The company staff of Jamie International said, “We participated to expand global business of our product. We want to introduce the no. 1 selling product from Korea’s online commerce to the world.”

• Primoris International introduces rejuvenation protein cosmetic brand GD11

Primoris International is a stem cell company that operates stem cell raw material business and cosmetics business based on advanced biotechnology. In the stem cell applied science sector which is receiving spotlight in the 21st century, Primoris International is putting life’s nobility and value first, and it is making effort to lead the global life science and for the human health and beauty.

GD11 is the brand name that started from so-called “rejuvenation protein,” ultimately meaning the growth factor that rejuvenates old cells. This is the key ingredient of the cord blood cell culture fluid USC1994®. It has 60 times more compared to other stem cell culture fluid (derived from marrow and fat cell). This rejuvenating protein is a growth factor discovered by researchers at Harvard University, and had been confirmed in SCI thesis.

Also, the company has domestic and global patent and original technology for the human cord blood culture USC1994®, and the active ingredients show visible effects. Human cord blood stem cells are the youngest stem cells and contain the most exosomes. It helps quickly regenerate skin cells, and it is anti-inflammatory and good for wound healing and reducing wrinkles. It is excellent for collagen and elastin production.

Primoris International currently owns five cosmetic brands, and launched TNU and 57’N last year. The company staff said the company is planning to launch about two products with 57’N brand name.

• Pury Global introduces portable sterilization electrolyzer SHUM mini

Pury Global is a health & beauty device solution company that provides the best experience to customers through continuous technological innovation and product research. It is currently cooperating with partners from major countries like the US and Japan with the LED mask and portable electrolyzer. As a leader in K-beauty and K-quarantine, it is setting a new standards in the domestic and global health and beauty industry.

Its SHUM mini electrolyzer is an easy-to-use portable electric sterilizer that removes coronavirus, influenza virus, and bacteria to help maintain personal health. It is a product made by miniaturizing a large-capacity industrial sterilizing water manufacturing device which can make sterilizing water anytime, anywhere. Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water produced from SHUM mini has a stronger and broader range of sterilization compared to alcohol and lactose. Also, it was approved by the US FDA and MFDS in Korea as food additive, so the safety is guaranteed.

In line with the increasing population of the elderly, Pury Global is developing a knee joint degenerative arthritis treatment device that combines the LED and laser diode technology.

The company staff from Pury Global said, “By promoting the electrolyzer already popular in Korea to the world, we would like to help restore the everyday life of the customers whose lives have been affected by the COVID pandemic. By introducing this high-quality Korean product to the world, we would like to promote the excellence of the Korean products and help find new sales channels.”

• Dream Polymer introduces SUBIR, the eyelash procedure cosmetics that have both stability and functionality

Dream Polymer has specialized raw materials and recipes for the eyelash procedure cosmetics. In 2020, it launched its eyelash brand SUBIR with the eyelash cosmetics package with the support from the Korean government. This company is seeking long-germ partners like eyelash procedure shops, professional product suppliers, color cosmetics suppliers, and skincare product suppliers.

To provide customers with eyelash cosmetics with stability and functionality, Dream Polymer developed a composition made by L-arginine, which is extracted from seaweed. This beneficial composition to the human body was then used to manufacture eyelash cosmetics, and the company recently launched it. Also eyelash perm glue used for lifting the eyelashes was made with the ingredients harmless to the human body, and it is water soluble for easy removal.

The eyelash twinkle essence (serum) uses ingredients that have green-grade of EWG 0-1. It contains myristoyl pentapeptide, the ingredient that’s most effective for the growth and care of eyelash, 18+biotin+keratin, and plant extracts grown in all over the world. The company had researched and developed the product for two years with experts in Korea, so the material is special and different from other competitors’ products.

Dream Polymer is planning to develop and release a product that does not generate formaldehyde by completely replacing cyanoacrylate-related materials that are used in eyelash extension glue with another material.

The company staff said, “In this expo, we are planning to introduce our products to new buyers. We are going prove that our products are trustworthy.”

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year’s goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

• Participating companies – L Global, Jamie International, Primoris International, Pury Global, • Dream Polymer, Jion Meditech, YS Bio, Bio-S, Agera Biotech, Korea Beauty Industry Development Institute