Inside the Mayfield Baptist Church in Stop Six Texas retired officer Lieutenant Alton Wilkerson was laid to rest and honored by his fellow officers including Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus and a host of family and friends.

FORT WORTH, TX, March 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Hundreds gathered for the wake and funeral services February 26, 2020 through February 28, 2020 to Honor Lt. Alton Wilkerson including one of his best friends and colleagues, Retired Officer Luther Perry, Charles Sadberry Sr. and fellow officers that worked with him during his tenure at the Fort Worth police department and friends. The day of the services the procession lined up at the MLK Center in Stop Six followed by the patriot guard riders and 20 to 40 police officers that took a tour of the community then on to Mayfield Baptist Church.

Then the following day at the funeral services several people spoke including Officer Hill in which he quoted, “James Baldwin”. His friend and classmate Willie Jewel Douglas since the first grade and President of the Dunbar Class of 1965 said, this was a fabulous and stately affair, Alton would of been so proud of his daughter Tracy, the services were definitely a true reflection of him. And his friend Luther even dress like him in all red and dedicated an awesome poem to his dear friend and presented his family with an award on behalf of himself and Umoja Organization.

The services were quite a stately affair in Fort Worth the program included remarks from Pastor Douglas E. Brown of Great Commission Baptist Church, Judge Mary Ellen Hicks, BPOA Sergeant Brandon Hill, Pastor Dwight Franklin of Faith Tabernacle of Praise, Dunbar Class of 1965, Pastor James P. Thompson Jr. Mount Olive Baptist in Arlington, TX, and Pastor L. H. Hall of Mayfield Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, and other dignitaries, family, and friends.

Wilkerson was a veteran and very active in the community were he received several accolades,accommodations, and awards in the community including a total of three promotions (Corporal,Sgt. and Lieutenant) he served as a recruiter and background investigator and was the first African-American to head up the gang unit as a Lieutenant.

The community is still mourning the Honorary Mayor of Stop six he was so revered and was considered a pillar, and legend in this community and they are planning a memorial on Sunday March 8, 2020.

A small gathering and a day of remembrance to show what Alton truly meant to us and the community and to continue to make him proud and honor protect and serve.

Special thanks to Mr. Dan and the North Texas Patriot Guard

Special Thanks to Luther Perry

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Darelle D. Broussard and Staff
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