Book Becomes International Best Seller

ATLANTA, GA, January 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Michele Johnson launched her new book “Pain Free: How to Live a Full Life Despite Chronic Pain” and it became a best-seller on January 9, 2020.

In this short read, Michele Johnson shares with you from her experience how to live pain free. How you can live a full live despite having chronic pain.

After being laid off from a failing telecom company, and surviving on $141 per month in food stamps, Michele found herself living in a rat and roach infested basement apartment.

Despite the daily pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia, she was denied Disability assistance and sunk deeper into depression and despair. She clung to her mother’s advice like a chant.

“No matter what, you can always pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again.”

That advice played over and over as Michele explored ways to survive and conquer living with daily pain.

Though her story is inspirational and motivating for anyone to read, the fascinating part to watch is how she helps patients, family members and friends to live a full life too.

She’s decided to bring the message out from her one on one interactions with patients in the exam room. In search of a bigger impact and opportunity to serve others struggling with daily pain, the Pain Free PA community was born.

Michele advises, “With an invisible and chronic condition, you will be challenged by others who diminish your struggles. The important thing to do is to get educated on your disorder and have a plan to handle those times where stress can cause you even more issues. Value yourself no matter how discounted other people may make you feel.”

“Sometimes we experience pain that threatens to take us out, but there is hope! You can have chronic pain but you can live! Knowing this is a game changer for any of us who have dealt with chronic pain in our lives.” – Steve Kidd host of Thriving Entrepreneur

You can get the book on Amazon:

Michele Johnson MHS, PA-C is a certified Family Medicine Physician Assistant, Telemedicine Provider, Author, Speaker and Fibromyalgia patient herself for the last 18 years. As Founder of the Pain Free Community, she focuses on Inspiring, Motivating and Healing Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness through holistic health practices.

These therapies have worked for patients and in her own incredible journey to live a full and thriving life despite a devastating diagnosis.

Recently featured on the Biocentric Life Podcast and the Virtual Book Launch of “As I Am.” The Free Your Thinking Mind Podcast, and Doctors Thriving Outside The Box podcast.

Michele’s passion to help other chronic pain warriors live to their fullest potential shines through every time she speaks.