Fitness Trainer, Model and Philanthropist, David Nso Designs Functional and Fashionable Line

NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — More often than not, fashionable does not always equate with comfortable. This is especially true if you have a busy lifestyle or are constantly on the go from Point A. to Point B. in a busy city. For example, if you are a model or simply just live in New York City where most people do not have personal vehicles, you most likely will have a pair of heels in your bag and comfy shoes on your feet when traveling about. Fitness trainer, model and philanthropist, David Nso designed his unisex sneaker line, NSO NewYork with these concepts in mind. He blends his love for fitness, fashion and overall comfort in his creation to not only share is passion to the world, but give back to his non-profit, NsoInspired Foundation, helping less privileged people around the world. David Nso’s first focus will be his birth Country Cameroon and after he plans to move on to other countries in need. The interior design of his sneakers also represents a part of David Nso and are designed reflecting the mud cloth traditionally worn by Malians. NSO NewYork is without question a sneaker with a story.

“I created the NSO NewYork line not only to fill a necessary gap in the fashion industry, but to give back to Cameroon my home country,” said David Nso, Founder, NSO NewYork. “I am thrilled with the feedback that I have received from my line so far. My customers, who are my fitness clients and friends, have told me they have found the perfect blend of fashion and comfort to accommodate their busy lifestyle.”

As a fitness trainer, David Nso embraces the philosophy of changing from the inside out and comfort, which is reflected in his sneaker line made of soft leather. NSO NewYork currently offers unisex sneakers in both black and white, priced at $189 with free shipping. The stylish sneakers are perfect for anyone on their feet all day with their padded insole and rubber sole, creating a cushion of comfort. The NSO NewYork sneaker line is manufactured in the United States and their classic low tops are easily dressed up or dressed down. Finally, yet importantly, a portion of all proceeds from sneaker sales will go to the NsoInspired Foundation.

“I am proud that NSO NewYork line is very versatile,” said David Nso, Founder NSO NewYork. “For some of my customers, this sneaker has eliminated the need for a change of shoes, since you can dress up or dress down, to accompany a variety of looks. I feel that I have created a design where fashion meets comfort.”

About NSO NewYork

Born and raised in Cameroon, David Nso was raised with an appreciation for discipline, learning, and athletics. David moved to the US as a young adult, where he attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. While at University he studied Economics, believing it was the path he had to follow, he quickly discovered his interest in fashion and athletics far outweighed his interest in economics. NSO NewYork embodies David’s style and his roots, as such, part of the proceeds will be donated to the NsoInspired Foundation to fund projects for those in need at For more information or to purchase sneakers, please visit: