DUBAI, UAE, August 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Despite the current feminine hygiene market being a relatively crowded one, PECTIV, an upstart from the UAE, saw their opening in a variety of inefficiencies amongst competitors. While other companies have been battling it out for the cutest packaging, PECTIV has sought to innovate on product design and solve the pain points others have missed.

Any woman knows that getting your period each month is no fun. The top menstrual concerns for women are embarrassing odors and potential vaginal infections caused by conventional pads.

Far too long the companies that make these products have overlooked such issues, focusing only on improving absorption and preventing leakage. As a result, if you wear a conventional pad during your period, after just a couple of hours this pad becomes a medium for bacterial growth due to the humidity in this sensitive area. These bacteria can adversely affect your vaginal health, causing bad odors and greatly increasing the risk of vaginal irritation and infections.

Even more alarming, most brands in the market bleach their pads with dioxin and contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, which causes additional vaginal irritation and have potential toxic effects. Even pads made of organic cotton, while leaving you less vulnerable to irritation, simply do not prevent bad odors. It seemed there was no product on the market for women who want to protect their vaginal health whilst also keeping odors at bay.

“The idea that women were having to sacrifice their physical and emotional comfort once a month because no one in the market had addressed all the problems with conventional pads was just unacceptable to me,” says CEO and Founder, Dr. Elias Abboud.

So PECTIV’s research and development team worked hard to create a pad that would not only provide maximum absorption, but would also provide comfort and safety from harmful bacteria. Having already built up a wide customer base, PECTIV’s appeal is a direct result of its mission.

PECTIV‘s standout features include a new innovative Green Strip containing Nano Silver and Negative ions, which prevents accumulation of the bacteria that contribute to bad odors and pose health risks.

Another important feature is the bottom layer in PECTIV pads that is fully breathable, thus preventing buildup of humidity and fighting bacterial growth on another front. Due to the breathability and the negative ions, PECTIV eliminates the risk of yeast infections and white vaginal discharge.

PECTIV is also completely free of toxic chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine or other harmful materials found in most pads. The result is a comfortable pad without any of the health risks associated with other menstrual hygiene products.

And with PECTIV you will never have to make another trip to the store to buy feminine hygiene products. By visiting their website:, you can set up your own fully customizable subscription with auto deliveries, so that you will never need to worry about running out of your self-care products when you need them. Moreover, PECTIV also offers discounts off all subscriptions and you can easily make changes to your subscription at any time.

For modern women, who already have to juggle so many obligations, it’s a welcome relief to find out that one thing might get easier: Their period.