Solotoo’s Mazel Gold: Driving Progress at an Affordable Price

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 25, 2019 /Neptune100/ — If you were writing a bucket list of the things you wanted in a driver, the olden driver would tick all the boxes and then some. Boasting a distinctive regal look with a bold and vibrant gold head, the driver offers far more than just unique aesthetics and packs a major punch in terms of performance, rivalling and outperforming many of the most expensive flagship drivers from the worlds most renowned manufacturers. Don’t believe me? Just ask Rick Shiels, renowned golf pro and Youtube’s most prominent golf expert whose unsolicited review of The Mazel Gold garnered huge attention from the online golf community and caused the product to sell out shortly after the videos release.

When weighing in on the Mazel Gold, let’s first consider one of the most common pain points for discerning golfers, namely, price point. The Mazel Gold driver comes in several hundred dollars under par boasting a price of just 100 dollars. Yup that’s not a typo, no zeros have been omitted, your eyes are not deceiving you…just 100 dollars. With such an appealingly low price point, there must be a catch, right? But the Mazel Gold driver doesn’t sacrifice on performance, rather it excels and allows you to crush your game time and time again.

The Mazel Gold driver ticks all the right boxes in terms of top of the range specs and comes with a cup face design, a super-lightweight head, a large and forgiving 460cc sweetspot, a low centre of gravity and speed channels, all finished in top quality titanium and composite materials. Beyond all this the driver looks unbelievable and offers a gold face, a gold bottom offset by jet black strips which come together to offer a simply unforgettably beautiful driver. In short, the driver encompasses a laundry list of every golfer’s must haves and has all the attributes of a club that costs hundreds of dollars more.

But does it perform? Is it any good on the golf course? Does it break? Is it all show and no go, is it all style and no substance? To answer these questions Rick Shiels took the club out for a test drive (pun fully intended) and the results he got were nothing short of remarkable. After some initial teething problems getting used to the club it wasn’t long before Rick was consistently crushing his drives. To really put the Mazel Gold through its paces, Rick travels to his local Manchester club, The Marriott Worsley Park and allows his fellow Manchurians to test out the club and offer their opinions on what they think the club costs and how it performs.

The results of Rick Shiels tests are nothing short of amazing. After showing it to fellow golfers to get their perception on the Mazel Gold based solely on aesthetics, they put prices on the driver ranging from a high of 800 dollars to a low of 350 dollars. The true litmus test comes when Rick takes the Mazel Gold driver on the course in a head to head battle with his current driver the Cobra F9, hitting 4 balls with each driver over several different holes. In a straight up battle Rick hits the fairway more consistently with the Mazel Gold driver and consistently drives further and closer to the green with it proving that the 100-dollar Mazel can outperform his 350-dollar cobra across multiple domains.

About the Mazel Gold Driver:

The Mazel Gold driver is the brainchild of Solotoo, a sporting goods company headquartered in the beautiful coastal paradise of Xiamen, China. The innovative driver embodies the principles of Solotoo of offering top end performance at prices affordable to all. Solotoo’s Mazel Gold is the first Chinese golf brand tested by one of Youtube’s most famous golf vloggers, Rick Shiels. The video racked up an impressive 400,000 views and was notified to Rick’s 600,000 loyal subscribers, marking the impressive arrival of Chinese golf equipment manufacturers onto the world stage.

Solotoo has steadily been gaining traction at both a local and international level and has cemented itself as serious player globally signing several high-profile deals with major multinational distributors in Europe, The US, Australia, Japan and throughout the rest of the world. In addition to the Mazel Gold, Solotoo offers a range of golf products to meet all the requirements of even the most demanding golfers.