This product Heals Bleeding Fissures (small rectal tears) in 48 Hours. This All-Natural, Unique Blend of Grade A Ingredients has eliminated Fissures in 98.9% of their patients! They are safe, fast, and efficient.

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In Addition to healing up those unpleasant wounds fast, these suppositories can also aid in Killing Threatening Bacteria, Preventing/Killing Cancer Growth Cells, Reduce Bowel Ulcers/Polyps, Ease Discomfort/Inflammation, Restore Rectal Canal Tissue, Proctitis & Diverticulitis as its Anti-Viral/ Anti-Fungal Antiseptic properties are absorbed in the blood stream. Wowzer!

So, what’s the big deal here? Well, consumers from around the world are getting restored bottoms after failed attempts with prescription medication and countless trips to the Emergency Room. Healing Bottoms Turmeric Suppositories will change history. These suppositories are great find for those who struggle with pesky fissures and Doctors who want to be a distributor for this new and upcoming product.

Lastly, Healing Bottoms offers upper Digestive Restoration with “Max Turmeric Supplements”. These Supplements Treat Crohn’s, Ulceration Colitis, Constipation, Leaky Gut, etc. which Prevents Future Fissures & Inflammation. To Purchase their Amazing Products, go on Amazon or Order Direct for %10 Discount & Lower Shipping Cost.

Introducing Healing Bottoms (Homeopathic Pharmacy) Family Owned Practice since 2009, specializing All-Natural Turmeric Suppositories.