NEW YORK, NY, August 19, 2019 /Neptune100/ — There are few people as humble and successful as Ray Sadeghi, also known as Jizzy Mack (@jizzymack).

The Iraninan native and serial entrepreneur moved to The United Year at 15 years old, with nothing but a dream to succeed in an unknown land, he decided to pack everything up and chase his dreams of coming to America and living out the “American Dream”.

As many immigrants do, Ray faced challenges as he first moved to America, including his Father abandoning his family months after he and the rest of his family made it to The United States.

Despite the challenges along the way, Ray’s determination has always kept him going.

“I stayed hungry, I stayed out of the streets, all to fulfill my dreams,” he recalls.

Before moving to The United States, Ray has lived in countries across the world, including Iran, Italy, and Poland.

While in Poland, Ray started practicing martial arts. As he gained experience, he started traveling the world fighting in a variety of championships.

“I was mesmerized by being able to defend myself against others and being so strong,” he shares.

For years, his dream has always been to work with one of the best athletes in the world, the one and only Floyd Mayweather.

Every day he put those thoughts out into the universe, knowing that one day he could make it possible. He even made it his plan to move to Las Vegas, knowing it’s the city where Mayweather resides.

To this day, Ray has been living in Las Vegas for the last fourteen years now. Eight years ago, while he was boxing at Mayweather’s gym, he ended up sparking up a conversation with the man himself, Floyd Mayweather. They discussed Mayweather’s upcoming fights, and they both were able to connect with each other. Mayweather asked him to follow him to the MGM hotel, where he was getting awarded with best fighter of the year award. In those moments with Floyd, on their way to the hotel, he told Sadeghi, “You’re with me now. I got you.”

He became Mayweather’s main bodyguard that same day.

“I am with him 24 hours a day. This is a full time job. Mayweather has a very crazy schedule and I am always attached to him. This is more than a job, he has me forever, we are a family,” says Sadeghi.

Ray states the importance of never judging a book by its cover. “I was almost homeless on the streets, but he took me to the next level. He opened up so many doors for me, showed me so many things I would have never imagined. I got to meet presidents, celebrities. I am living my dream life. It has now been eight years, and he has never let me down,” he recalls of world famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

“The life you see on social media is very different from the reality. I want to let the younger audience know that the reality of life is very different. They need to focus on their own dreams, and not be a follower,” he stresses.

What motivated him to get into this industry was always staying hungry, not having money to do anything, not getting caught up, and always believing in himself.

“There is something better out there, something told me in my mind that I have something in me that I can be one of the greatest bodyguards of all time. I did this all on my own, it is extremely hard to work for one of the greatest athletes in the world,” he says.

For Ray, fear of failure can be both crippling and motivating. To overcome this fear, he says it is important to first figure out what is causing it, “Once we do that, we can put an end to that fear”. Success to him means everything. After coming from a well off family, and losing everything, he learned that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

Ray is currently working on a new nutritional line and personal training where he plans on helping people learn how to take care of their bodies and their minds so they can take care of themselves in a better way.

“We are all living in a fast paced lifestyle, it is extremely important to learn about what kinds of food we should be putting into our bodies. Your health is your wealth, if you don’t have it, then you won’t be able to do anything. By eating the right things you will have a better mindset and focus on the things you really need to focus on in life,” he stresses.

He is also planning on opening a massive bodyguard company.

“I’ve been in this industry for too long and have seen how bodyguards don’t take care of themselves, physically and mentally. I want to train them on how to communicate better, how to defend themselves if they have to, how to eat properly and maintain their healthy lifestyle,” says the successful bodyguard.

And if there is one important lesson that Ray leaves us, is this: Whether he’s fighting in the ring, protecting Mayweather, or working on his nutrition and personal training line, there’s no question that Ray understands that in life you fight until the end, no matter what happens.

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