Chief Justice Stuart J. Rabner, The Godfather Of NJ Courts Crime Family, “I’m Going To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse”. Due To Your Poor Leadership, “You’ve gotta Immediately Resign, and Bada-Bing”

TRENTON, NJ, January 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Former NYPD Sgt. John F. Marchisotto announced several legal claims against a judge and law enforcement officers in New Jersey a few weeks ago. In short he’s seeking $10 billion in damages, all of which will go to a charity, the firing and resignation of several people in the New Jersey judicial, and law enforcement system.

Lone Star Gun Rights in Texas picked up the stories. As LSGR reports,

“Surprisingly, a confiscation order was requested but no actual criminal charge was pursued. This is because charging Marchisotto with a felony would have required due process and proving the allegation in a court beyond reasonable doubt.”

The accuser would also be held liable for filing a false report if an actual investigation determined that he deliberately lied.

However, by requesting a TERPO, the accuser could deliberately file a false report and face no consequences. Additionally, the order would still be executed without due process. Consequently, extreme risk protection orders are a convenient method of exploiting the justice system to settle a personal vendetta or intimidate others.

Patch, a national network of websites devoted to covering communities, has a New Brunswick, NJ, website. Patch picked up the story from LSGR.

“I’m glad to see some people are taking this seriously. This is a real problem. These people are supposed to protect us and protect our rights. Instead, they are crushing my rights.

If they can do it to me, a retired police officer who knows the law, what is to stop them from doing it to you?” Mr. Marchisotto asked.

Marchisotto’s other case accuses the courts and several officers of violating his civil rights.

According to Marchisotto,

On February 5, 2020, Judge Guy P. Ryan, Ocean County Superior Court, signed a Retaliatory and Illegal Search Warrant to illegally enter and search the Retired Sergeants entire home, looking for any evidence they could try to pin on him. “They even search through my wife’s underwear draws that’s how desperate they were,” he said.

“New Jersey State Police along with dozens of heavily armed police personnel, entered my home displaying their high-powered military-style long guns drawn, terrorizing my family. They came to my home to execute a false TERPO petition to seize my licensed firearms.

However, their basis of the TERPO search warrant was a complete sham to punish me for the Federal Lawsuit I filed against the State of New Jersey, Middlesex County, the judicial and non-judicial defendants.

They knew I was a retired NYPD police sergeant and out of retaliation, they came after my guns.”



FALSE POLICE REPORT CIRCULATED BY LOUIS P LEPORE, ESQ, AND DEBRA E CANOVA, active defendants currently in four lawsuits in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

New Jersey passed the Temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order Act (TERPO), commonly referred to as “Red Flag laws” in 2018.

Marchisotto says the “false TERPO petition” was because of various lawsuits he filed against the State of New Jersey, Middlesex County, the judicial and non-judicial defendants.

Judge Alberto Rivas in particular is no stranger to improper conduct. He was censured by a state committee on judicial conduct.

“Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Alberto Rivas hasstepped down as the county’s assignment judge after the state Supreme Court censured him for conduct in violation of judicial rules. Rivas, however, is not leaving the bench. He will continue serving as a judge in the Civil Division,” said by Central Jersey.

Mr. Marchisotto’s lawsuit seeks to shine a light on these illegal acts and prevent the same from happening to other people.

“These people have gone out of their way to harangue and harass me. I’ve done nothing to them, other than asking for justice. They have denied my simple and plain requests every step of the way,” he said.

“It terrifies me to think about what these people have done to other honest, law-abiding citizens. I want other people to know, you are not alone. If they did this to me, I can only imagine what they have done to others,” he said.

Part of his lawsuits requests certain people be fired and demand the resignation of others. Each person so identified has abused the power they have, he said.

Middlesex County Undersheriff Kevin B. Harris needs to be immediately Fired for signing a False, Fake, Retaliatory Sheriffs Police Report to interfere with and disturb a federally regulated activity; Marchisotto v Rivas et al: 3:19-cv-21440 (filed December 17, 2019).

Criminal charges should be also brought against Middlesex County Undersheriff Harris for interfering with, intimidating, criminally harassing the Plaintiff in dropping his federal lawsuit; Marchisotto v Rivas et al: 3:19-cv-21440 (filed December 17, 2019).

“I want justice. I don’t want money. I want people to be held accountable for their actions. I don’t want revenge,” he said. “I’m just asking to be treated properly. Respect my rights. Respect the Constitution.”

They simply have to be stopped,” he said. “They violated my civil rights. They used false complaints to get needed paperwork for a raid. They did not bother with a proper investigation.”

The longtime member of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P. Lodge 10) in Toms River, New Jersey has no idea what happened or why he’s been singled out for this kind of attack.

“They have an agenda. I don’t know what I did to upset them enough to do this. All I want is for the law to be followed and respected,” the retired NYPD sergeant said.

The raid on his home is taking a toll on his family. Mr. Marchisotto lives in Jackson, New Jersey with his wife and three minor children.

He is a longtime 3rd Degree Fraternal Member of the Jackson Knights of Columbus, and a long time rec league baseball, soccer, football, and basketball coach in Jackson.

“My kids were terrified. My wife who is a teacher went to work crying and had to console by the school principal. I have been getting very bad headaches and having to deal with this mess. I’m having nightmares of “THE RAID” and all this is making me very sick,” he said.

“I did nothing wrong, and all I did was pursue my judicial rights for justice in a rigged Pro Se Bias NJ Court System”, run by clown judges.

“I don’t want a dime, not a single penny. If the courts do allow a cash award, I will donate everything to a charity. This is all about justice,” he said.

See the raid and Marchisotto’s reaction and actions in a YouTube video he uploaded after the incident.

Read more about the retired sergeant’s claims in his own words at his blog.

Mr. Marchisoto is ready to talk to any media outlets about his case and give them all his evidence.
For more information or to receive a copy of this and Mr. Marchisotto other court filings and cases, Contact him at (732) 526-7732, [email protected].

John F. Marchisotto
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MARCHISOTTO v. MALIK et, al.; Case No.: 3:20-cv-20426-BRM-LHG