UPRx announces the launch of their Cash Prescription Website and Telehealth App. UPRx provides services eliminating the exorbitant costs of Rx medications regardless of insurance. Because access and affordability should never be a barrier to care.

EDISON, NJ, March 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — UPRx.com announces a new solution eliminating exorbitant costs associated with prescription medications. With the launch of its website, UPRx gives all Americans unprecedented access to the lowest available prices for prescription drugs regardless of their insurance status.

The significant rise in drug prices, even for those insured, has forced many US citizens to travel as far as Canada to defray prescription costs. UPRx.com carries 1000s of drugs- some even priced at $10 or less, creating savings of up to 50% on prescriptions when filled via their partner pharmacy, Apogee BioPharm.

With 62% of Americans rating healthcare as the most or second most important issue facing the future of America, reigning in drug prices is a potent issue ahead of the 2020 US election.

“Lack of health insurance and/or high out-of-pocket medical expenses are barriers to accessing health care, and with any barrier to care, the patient loses out,” says UPRx COO Ethan Welwart. “When patients are forced to make a choice between quality care or more affordable medication, care is often compromised. No one should have to make that choice. With our deeply discounted prices, FREE home delivery, and exceptional customer service, UPRx.com bridges this gap and ensures premium healthcare to ALL Americans, regardless of insurance plan.”

In tandem with their pharmacy website, UPRx has also just announced the launch of their new Telehealth app- Care by UPRx, created to support patients needing a prescription in addition to the medication itself.

Care by UPRx is a HIPAA -compliant virtual health app, used to connect patients in need of prescription medication with US licensed providers in 48 States.

Compatible with all devices, the app is available for download through The Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play, by searching for Care by UPRX. While normally incurring a $5 fee per Telehealth visit, use of the app will be free for registered UPRx.com patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to further prioritize the health of their customers.

UPRx.com and Care by UPRx are available to all North America and are remarkably simple to use. With no membership fees or monthly premiums, it only takes seconds to sign up, even allowing multiple Patient Profiles for family members to store their information and order everyone’s medication seamlessly. Users visit UPRx.com, search for the prescribed medication, and can purchase it for cash after inputting their provider/pharmacy’s contact information to facilitate the prescription transfer. If there is no current prescription for the drug, the user can use UPRx’s newly launched Telehealth app, Care by UPRx, and speak with an accredited, third-party physician to request a prescription. Once the prescription is submitted or transferred to the pharmacy, the medication is shipped to the patient’s door – absolutely FREE.

Currently available for cash only, UPRx is able to offer the best prices by cutting out the middleman and doing the negotiating themselves, much like an insurance company would- providing patients with the same drugs, for less pay. In fact, there are some instances where it’s significantly cheaper to pay cash for a medication rather than order it through an insurer’s pharmacy benefits program. UPRx capitalizes on this by purveying locally-sourced products, directly, for a fraction of the price.

UPRx.com allows patients to:

• Access lower priced medications with or without insurance
• Bypass insurance limitations and high copays
• Avoid the hassle of going to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions.
• Consult with Doctors quickly and easily
• Receive medications delivered to their door with complete discretion.
• Get the Care they deserve from the comfort of their homes

UPRx.com is fully registered and operates in multiple locations across the United States of America. Their partner pharmacy, Apogee BioPharm is licensed and operated in 49 states and Puerto Rico. Their Telehealth app, Care by UPRx is registered in 48 States. When UPRx obtains medical information while acting on a patient’s behalf, they maintain the privacy and security of that information in accordance with the standards of the HIPAA security regulations.

UPRx was founded in 2019 by a group of pharmaceutical professionals with a simple idea: make ordering drugs easy, convenient and affordable, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Today, we’re delivering care across the country with every order.

UPRx was built upon the following principles, and is dedicated to fulfilling them:
• To provide the most affordable prescription drugs to people all over the US, irrespective of their healthcare or copay plans.
• To make ordering prescription medications online quick and convenient.
• To offer discreet and personalized care to all customers.
• To deliver exceptional Customer Service.

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