Five Years of Efforts, Ideas, Challenges and Victories. It Is Another Turning Point on the Company’s Development Ladder.

AUSTIN, TX, August 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — In order to get a full picture of Agiliway and maximally realize its corporate identity, it is well worth looking back and remember how it was five years ago and the path it managed to build.

In August 2015, there were a couple of experts only with a profound experience in the IT sphere but no employees and no clients to cooperate with. However, there used to be such a big desire for development and confidence of ultimate success, that it easily compensated all the upraising doubts and hardships on the way. So, here we have Agiliway five years after: a successful and fast-growing IT company with a good number of working projects, solid domain expertise and dedicated clients all over the world. For the moment, Agiliway can boldly boast about:

– A lot of projects
– A hundred and a half of team members
– Well-established internal structure
– Partners in North America and Europe
– Own software product, etc.

What is Agiliway all about? Client-centric focus, team-oriented internal structure, joint efforts, creative ideas, flexibility and endless longing for new challenges and new ideas, consequently, even more new expertise and experience.

While being initially positioned as a software company oriented on the North American market mainly, the company managed to widen its geographical presence to nearly two dozen countries all over the world (e.g. Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Hong Kong, France and many more).

If we are talking about its technical expertise, everything started with a PHP project. “PHP frameworks and CMS were, are and will be one of the leading software development directions Agiliway is presently famous for. Anything else? Yes, definitely. JavaScript, .Net, DevOps, Native Mobile platforms and so on are another numerous competencies we are experts in,” – COO & Co-Founder of Agiliway Sergiy Korniyenko states. What is more, he adds that Agiliway is currently a certified member of Microsoft, Oxid, CiviCRM as well as IT-cluster member. Domain expertise of the company comprises but is not limited to hospitality, retail, IoT, healthcare, automotive and others.

During the past five years, the Business Process Outsourcing department of Agiliway has demonstrated considerable growth. It was founded in 2015 as well and has seen a chunk of progress since then. The department handles a good number of business operations and tasks such as administrative support, data entry, SEO, SMM and others. Additionally, it offers services on individual demand (e.g. personal assistant, call center, etc.)

Finally, on such a special occasion, in order to see the whole picture, it is impossible not to mention CiviMobile as the company’s own software product. CiviMobile is a mobile app for nonprofits and non-governmental organizations aimed at working with CiviCRM. Presently, there exist nearly 1000 servers the system is installed on and several thousands of users with CiviMobile on their apps. Where did the idea take its beginning from? Once again, the company’s history takes us back to the period when the cooperation with a leading political organization started. At that time, Agiliway handled its management system and it was when the idea to create a highly mobile and so much needed app for such organizations was born. Symbolically, five versions of CiviMobile have seen their release so far. “Nevertheless, even more enhanced, updated and modernized app version will come out shortly,” – the CiviCRM engineering team assure us.

A creative and multitasking Agiliway team is active in community life as well. If you want to get, learn to give. The company is closely working with students through various channels such as Lviv Career Fair as well as further training and job opportunity offers. CRM adaptation and installation assistance is another step made in the direction. Last but not least, in the current world situation, it would sound right to mention the hospitals assistance. Having consolidated the joint forces of the management and the team members, we managed to demonstrate that we are not indifferent and are always ready to help.

Hope, the so-called guide into the five-year history of Agiliway has been interesting and quite informative. Today is a perfect day for making summaries, analyses and future plans the team is optimistic and ambitious about. So, we send warm compliments to Agiliway team members, its partners and clients and congratulate them on the anniversary! We wish you open horizons, best prospects and endless miles of creativity, innovation and success!

Agiliway is founded by a group of IT experts who have been working in IT outsourcing industry around 20 year in USA and Ukraine. While working with multiple clients and hundreds of projects we have learned a lot about customers’ needs, expectations and challenges. And we wanted to help them work more effectively by providing flexible yet high-quality service which would leverage IT potential of Ukraine, assure skills and quality of big IT outsourcing players but would be devoid of their flawed and expensive inner processes.