Transparent LED screen display is a marketing method, which not only stimulates the consumer’s enthusiasm for consumption, but also allows us to appreciate the infinite creativity of the window designer and its interpretation of the brand.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 15, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Due to problems such as light pollution and illegal installation, traditional outdoor led displays occupying a high position in the outdoor advertising market have suffered a heavy blow and development. Due to its high permeability, the led transparent screen is attached to the glass curtain wall and has the advantages of “indoor installation and outdoor viewing”, which has become a great weapon for “breaking the bureau”.

The attention paid to led transparent screens is inseparable from their market needs. In recent years, the led transparent screen has become a highlight of the transparent screen in the scenic area. At 2018, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea, the performance of the led transparent screen in the stage performance venue is even more amazing. In the 2019 China Wuhan Military Games, the led transparent screen shines, the all-round transparent display, black technology, high-through, high-definition screen display makes the world have a deeper impression on Wuhan. In Ottawa, Canada,Kipnes Lantern is the signature feature of the National Arts Centre’s architectural rejuvenation with advanced led transparent screens.

From the perspective of development trends, the current development of the city is more and more pay attention to “makeup”, led transparent screen can be “hidden” during the day, the characteristics of the night can shine, the city’s “beauty” has the advantages that other display devices do not have It is foreseeable that in the future, the led transparent screen will shine in the field of landscape lighting.

Perhaps it is the natural advantages of led transparent screens and the huge potential that it can play in the development of the city, which has attracted many companies to invest in the led transparent screen.

Shenzhen HTJ technology co., ltd. is a professional led display manufacturer, with many years of experience in transparent led display. The transparent led displays produced by HTJ have the following five models: p3.9-7.8,p7.8-7.8,P10.4,P16,P20.

Compared with traditional led displays, the screen body has high permeability, good extension, light weight, convenient maintenance, cool display effect and light weight, and has a stronger sense of technology and fashion.

1. High transparency effect
More than 80% of the perspective effect enables the glass to maintain the lighting perspective function. led lights cannot be seen from a distance and the space around the glass curtain wall is not affected.
2. Standard design and customization
product standard:500X500; 500X1000; 1000×1000; 1000X500(mm);etc.
3. Clean and beautiful appearance
Built-in power cord makes the whole screen look beautiful and generous.
4.No need for steel frame structure, save a lot of cost

This product is directly connected to the glass curtain wall and will not change any building structure. The module is pasted on the back of the glass curtain wall with special glue, which can be cured in 10 seconds, convenient and quick. Not to mention the complex steel support frame, which can save a lot of installation costs.

Led transparent display is mainly used in airports, chain stores, large shopping malls, corporate exhibition halls, science and technology museums, advertising media and other places. It can promote advertising, enhancing the good role of the brand, and creating new effects of fashion trends.

1. Glass window application.
In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail,led transparent screens have also brought revolutionary changes to retailers. Its high transparency does not affect architectural lighting, and it is light and wind resistant. With good characteristics and convenient installation, it can also realize various irregular shapes and sizes as needed. Therefore, it is increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, glass window decoration, interior decoration and the like.

2. Construction media applications.
The use of buildings as carriers for information dissemination is often referred to as “multimedia curtain wall”. With the development of optoelectronic technologies such as led, multimedia curtain wall technology has also made great progress and has been gradually sought after by the market in recent years, especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings. There are various solutions. A new high-transparent led display technology with high transparency and ultra-thin characteristics, has obvious technical advantages in the field of construction media.

3. Large-scale shopping mall applications.
The modern art beauty of the led transparent display is perfectly combined with the metal shape. It is highly transparent, highly stable, and has a long service life. The transmittance is up to 80% without affecting the style of the original building after installation. Lighting, product design has a texture. It is the first choice for modern architectural advertising, and has broad application prospects in glass curtain walls, large shopping malls, glass partitions, etc.

4. Chain store applications.
With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, the pursuit of individuality has become an important benchmark for people to publicize their unique personality. Led transparent screens are booming, and displays of various sizes and shapes are emerging one after another. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality have become the first choice for many consumers in display design. Only a personalized storefront image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow, adopting unique design methods to let Led transparent display replace traditional storefront exterior wall and led full color display, and replace traditional graphic advertisement with video advertisement, let the whole store cool and extremely, very pleasing to the eyes of consumers.

5. Smart display application.
Intelligent display is an important scene for disseminating product, brand, and scientific and creative information knowledge. As people’s demands for multimedia visual experience are getting higher and higher, various science and technology intelligent exhibition halls are constantly carrying out technological innovation. The led transparent display can be customized for special shapes. As a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and mystery of technology through the screen.

Led transparent display is rapidly emerging in the Led display industry with a new application form, leading technology development and design concept close to the public demand, presenting a new blue ocean market. The future of the world must be visual. HTJ makes unremitting efforts to build a transparent and clear visual horizon, and strive to lead the visual fashion and cultural trend and realize the first commercial media of transparent vision.

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