18 April 2020 – Abu Dhabi, UAE – Dr. Rami Shaheen, a mastermind of innovation and transformation, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and future management technologies to build AI economies, train and transform organizations, and build resiliency to the coronavirus in the Middle East. A pioneer of the Fourth Revolution, Dr. Rami is achieving velocity, scope, and systems impact with AI and future technologies.

An accomplished transformation consultant, Dr. Rami brings years of specialized experience in the international development of artificial intelligence systems, next-generation management tools, and future foresight services to the Middle East. Making these technologies available on national, regional, and local levels, Dr. Rami has achieved great success in building economies and communities in countries such as the UAE, KSA, Jordan, and Japan. A visionary for his use of innovation system and A-F model, and for spearheading complex projects in fintech, VR, and AR, Dr. Rami is making the Middle East safer through AI. Dr. Rami uses iaidl (iaidl.com) and its tool aima (artificial intelligence maturity assessment) to transform multinational organizations worldwide. 

Passionate about improving the Middle East with the power of next-generation technologies, Dr. Rami brings these technologies to people and organizations across the Middle East. Today, many leading organizations and governmental entities are applying Dr. Rami’s theories to transform their organizations, build AI economies, and develop resiliency in the face of the coronavirus. These include the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, the Jordanian Ministries of Health, Communication & Technology, Justice, Agriculture, Labor, and Interior, and the International AI Driving License, which are harnessing their full potential thanks to the innovative solutions Dr. Rami brought. Employing unique approaches in artificial intelligence and future management tools, Dr. Rami is changing the DNA of organizations, improving their functionality and resiliency, and achieving goals with new AI-based frameworks and solutions in the Middle East. By achieving velocity, scope, and systems impact with AI and future technologies, organizations across the region have been transformed through the arrival of the Fourth Revolution.

To learn more, or to follow Dr. Rami’s latest projects and the AI technologies he is making available in the Middle East, please visit RamiShaheen.com or @Dr.Rami_Shaheen on Instagram.

About Dr. Rami Shaheen

Dr. Rami Shaheen, a mastermind of innovation and transformation, is an accomplished transformation consultant with years of specialized experience in artificial intelligence, future management tools, future foresight, leadership, and governmental service technologies. With nearly 15 years of experience working with the world’s leading organizations and governmental entities, Dr. Rami has been harnessing the power of AI and next-generation technologies to reform national, regional, and local communities. Dr. Rami holds a BSC in Business Information System, an MBA in International Business, and a Ph.D. in (IHRM) Human Resources Management from the University of Helsinki, holds an International License.

To learn, please visit RamiShaheen.com.

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