Carbon dioxide monitoring that allows for safe opening of businesses, schools and public indoor spaces.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 21, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Forensics Detectors launches what it is calling the first wall plug-in carbon dioxide monitor. The company is rapidly innovating new gas monitoring products in response to the increased demand for detecting indoor air quality as more businesses, schools and public indoor spaces are opening.

Forensics Detectors is the first to market in designing and launching a plug-in carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor for COVID-19 preparedness planning. The CO2 monitor is specifically designed for indoor spaces such as retail, classrooms and occupational spaces. They’re also compliant with the California Assembly Bill AB 841 CO2 monitoring requirements which mandates CO2 indoor air quality monitoring to reduce COVID-19 transmission and infection risk.

The bill requires classrooms to monitor CO2 and provide an alert when the carbon dioxide levels in the classroom have exceeded 1,100 ppm. Forensics Detectors has two new carbon dioxide monitors that fit the bill – two versions of Model C02000 – the original version with USB and battery power and the newest member of the family, the direct to wall plug-in version.

“Carbon Dioxide monitoring is becoming an integral part reopening schools, business and indoor public spaces,” Dr. Koz, founder and chief engineer, Forensics Detectors, says. “The more people speak and exhale, the more carbon dioxide gas accumulates particularly when there is poor ventilation or air handling. Most important however is that CO2 is exhaled with aerosols containing pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 from COVID-19 infected people and can be used as a proxy of virus concentrations in the indoor air as shown by the University of Colorado and Harvard School of Public Health.”

The Forensics Detectors plug-in carbon dioxide monitor is made using a non-dispersive infrared, otherwise known as NDIR sensor technology, which detects the smallest amount of CO2 concentration changes in an indoor environment. If the indoor level of CO2 exceeds 1100 ppm, a LED and buzzer will alarm.

Forensics Detectors was established in 2017 by Dr. Koz to offer consumers affordable and innovative gas detectors, meters and analyzers. Dr. Koz is a world renown specialist in toxic gas detection and gas sensor technology giving Forensics Detectors the expert edge in developing the most innovative air quality and gas detection products. The company is located in California on the lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula where we design, develop, assemble and source gas detection products that meet Dr. Koz’s strict technical requirements.