Green Graphene announces a patent pending system from three years of research

LEXINGTON, VA, February 18, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Green Graphene announced a patent pending system from three years of research today, the Genostep, a new renewable low-cost energy harvesting system using everyday foot-traffic to produce electricity. The Genostep is a rollout foot path with magnetically levitated planks. It can be placed anywhere there’s foot-traffic including but not limited to, in front and behind the counter for employees and customers alike, schools, stadiums, it can be readily connected to charge controller of other alternative energy systems or its own controller and storage unit with inverter. The Genostep doesn’t require the facility to remodel, it’s inconspicuous, and produces the sum of 126 kilovolts in a six-hour period from a one square meter sized system directed to storage. Due to the softness of the material and magnetic levitation it will help reduce fatigue.

Benefits 1. Low-cost 2. Easy installation 3. Inconspicuous 4. Customizable to any facility 5. Large energy output for storage 6. Made from renewable/recyclable materials 7. Reduces fatigue 8. Reduce energy cost

The Genostep will be available in the summer of 2020 starting at $5,000 per square meter, $20,000 for every 50 square meters. For more information contact [email protected]

Green Graphene started out as a graphene and graphene products producer by using green methods and chemicals for production, making things from high-temperature insulation meant for HIAD at NASA to germicidal graphene for an eastern European university. Our transition to a energy harvesting system producer allows us to benefit a greater amount of people giving them something everyone needs, energy.