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LOS ANGELES, CA, October 25, 2019 /Neptune100/ — On the 5th of this month, GOM Mix – a video editing application by GOM & Company is released on android. GOM & Company is well known and famous for its GOM Player for Windows, the most used video player in Korea.

YouTube and 1 man broadcasting is a current trend- from teenagers to well to their 50’s – plus book sales on YouTube related doubled compared to last year and local authorities held its own video editing class for their citizens, which shows increasing demands on video editing.

For reference, GOM Mix Pro for Windows, released in 2017, already well-known and trusted tools for beginners, and recently, it is chosen for DIAT(Digital Information Ability Test)’s multimedia editing program. DIATis run by KAIT – Korea association for ICT promotion- and it tests various digital skills of its applicant and beginners passed the test of DIAT could get a certificate as an official video editor.

Now, by using GOM Mix for Android and GOM Mix Pro for Windows, you can edit your video from PC, mobile phone with just a few touches and clicks, and you can use it for free. GOM Mix for Android is basically a video editing application with your own pictures and video sources but you can also add your own background music, text, emoji, filter, and other features, to create your own quality video in no time and it is easy to work with.

You can also encode your video to any SNS channel, and post your video on from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp plus other social media channel, with appropriate video definition quality and variable sizes, and many of you probably heard on the news that if you ask students from elementary school “What you want to be when you grow up?” and one of the most rated answers was ‘kids creator’ and ‘1 man creator’, and surely, filming and editing on your mobile phone then post it on the web instantly is certainly strong advantage of GOM Mix for Android.

Managing director of GOM & Company said “We will continuously serve our customers need in expanding the mobile market through our GOM Mix for Android, and also we are sure that GOM Mix Pro for Windows will provide a quality choice for our new customers.

Company info:
GOM & Company, which becomes the 20th anniversary in 2019, is developing and investing in new media technology such as 360-degree VR, gesture control, etc. and filing patent applications related to the various media. We lead the way as a specialized media company that provides users with a fun and useful technologies through user-centered technologies.

* GOM Software: GOM Player Plus, GOM Mix pro, GOM Mix Web, GOM Mix, GOM Cam, GOM Audio, GOM Encoder, etc.

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