AI Technology Now Offered to Independent Restaurants, For Free, to Help Battle Covid-19 Challenges

BOSTON, MA, December 01, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Bensen AI, a Boston based voice technology company announced earlier this week the release of Greet, giving independent restaurants access to their technology that was previously reserved for large chain restaurants. Greet is a cloud-based AI phone agent that answers the phone at restaurants and helps customers to place orders and make reservations as well as answering frequently asked questions. Greet is able to reduce the number of calls that a restaurant has to answer by 50%, freeing up staff to handle more important tasks within the restaurant.

“The effect that Covid-19 has had on restaurant staffing efforts has been sizeable. Most restaurants find it difficult to staff during the pandemic and on top of that, they need to now do more with less,” said Bensen AI Co-Founder and CEO, David Xiao. “The phone still represents a major revenue stream for restaurants but can easily overwhelm employees, especially during peak times. Greet provides a better way to get the customer what they are looking for.”

With Greet, restaurants can take the burden of answering calls and transform it into an experience that fits within their existing software stack. The system can plug into any online ordering service or scheduling software and converts phone-in customers to those online channels using its textback functionality. Additionally, Greet has the ability to block spam calls and ensures that restaurants are now answering 100% of their calls.

Greet also gives restaurants insights into their phone program, showing critical data such as call volume, customers’ reasons for calling, and amount of time spent on the phone. Each Greet experience is customized and restaurants are able to sign up and get deployed within a day. Bensen AI is also offering the service for free for 30 days for any restaurants with no commitment.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with small businesses around the country who have already experienced a lot of challenges these past few months,” Xiao said. “With Greet, we’re able to help provide peace of mind for what is traditionally one of their most frustrating problems.”

Bensen AI is a Boston based software company that specializes in voice and natural language technology. Bensen is the leading voice software company in the restaurant industry serving some of the largest chains in the country. The company is backed by investors including Y Combinator and was a member of Launch Lab X, a leading accelerator hosted by Harvard Innovation Labs.