An app for the modern hunter

KANSAS CITY, MO, November 12, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Hunting is an adventure that waits to be captured by each and every enthusiast of the outdoors. Our digital platform enhances the experience whether you are scouting, hunting alone, or hunting with others. You can share the information you gather over the app with fellow hunters or simply choose to record that information for yourself.

The app has several key features Including, Map availability online AND offline. The hunter can mark custom waypoints such as stands, and blinds. Each stand has its own page to record harvest and maintenance needs. Group communication and user rights to properties.

Using The Woods, you will improve your outdoor experience on all levels: topography, stand/blind locations, property lines, harvest recording, repair tracking on stands, and a social experience. The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information or to download the app go online to

During November of 2016, founder Sal DePino, went hunting with a few buddies in Minnesota. Just like the typical hunting camp experience, hunters trekked out from camp to their assigned stands opening day. Trying to find his way around to his stand in the dark, with typical directions such as “turn left at the big tree with the bent trunk and walk until you see a clearing”, Sal became overwhelmed with the gaps he had to fill in for himself. Struggling to find his way around, he thought, what if there was an app to make finding the correct directions on a hunt much easier? Back at camp that evening the stand assignments came for the next day’s and the boys learned “the stand in the middle of the woods”, had become unsafe to use after its inspection.

The inability to use the stand was a huge disappointment in Sal’s eyes, as this stand has performed extraordinarily well over the years. Deer ran straight through that side of the property! Sal thought, “Well how could this happen?” That’s when he remembered his idea for an app, an easy-to-use, and accessible platform, with GPS, notifications, and tracking abilities to enhance the hunt by making it easier for hunters to log their information over the season; especially repairs that are needed to use the stands! Thus, the concept of Sal’s app was born.