Beta test completed, planning on revealing it on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — JM smart, a startup located in San Diego, California, is currently a topic of conversation due to its development of the health checkup device ‘PuppyDoc’ for our dog companions.

As PuppyDoc is a Bluetooth connecting smart device for improving dogs’ health, it includes location tracking, measurement of sunlight and activity, calculation of burned calories and other diverse functions optimized for dog management.

Measuring the amount of sunlight, which is one of the smart functions for enhancing dog’s health, includes the feature that analyzes and checks the UV ray value and light pollution exposure within the device. This function examines the amount of sunlight, Vitamin D, serotonin release, etc. and sends the data to the application which allows people to check it in real time. It not only analyzes simple data, but also determines the color temperature that ranges from room light to outdoors artificial sunlight (0k~1000k). With this information, it analyzes the amount of light received from light bulbs, decoration, cloudy day, bright day, etc. based on the temperature and then guides the user with the amount of sunlight required for the type of dog breed.

The device also has a function that recognizes dogs’ motions and measures the amount of daily average activity and burned calories. From this data, the device suggests the recommended amount of exercise and rest along with the sleep schedule based on the dog’s characteristics such as type of breed, weight, etc. This allows the user to actively control the amount of time for the dog to go out on a walk, rest, and sleep.

It is expected that PuppyDoc will become highly popular among dog lovers considering that it even has a GPS location tracking function. It allows the user to check the dog’s location in real time in case any unanticipated situations occur such as losing it while taking a walk.

The application is compatible with iOS, Android, etc. and can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play Store by searching ‘PuppyDoc’. To use the application, you first need to turn on the Bluetooth and then run the application. A pop-up message will appear, which means the application is set to go. One of the features that stands out is the function that allows pet owners with multiple companion dogs to register several devices. Another one is a customizable function that allows users to set the name, type of breed, weight, gender, registration number, date of birth, etc.

As the size of the main body of the device in the black color is around that of a USB flash drive, it emphasizes its appearance for its portable handiness. The battery needs 20 minutes to charge and lasts for around 3-4 days, which adds on to its convenience. Its case can be chosen in either blue, white, or pink color and is made of silicon to provide safety for active dogs. It is also valuable in that its size can be adjusted to fit various sizes of harnesses regardless of the size of the dog.

A developer of JM smart said, “Although there have been products equipped with functions such as location tracking and activity measurement in the market, there has not been a product that analyzes the amount of sunlight, activity, number of sleeping hours, etc. which majorly affect the health of our companion dogs. ‘PuppyDoc’ is the product that has been made to fulfill the desire of dog lovers who wish to experience all of these functions in one product.”

Moreover, ‘PuppyDoc’, the world’s first health promoting smart device for our companion dogs, has successfully completed its beta test on February 2020. JM smart is planning on launching it in July 14th on the biggest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The details are available on JM smart’s PuppyDoc official page.

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